Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Topshop - Makeup Haul

Hey guy

So I had to go to the Apple shop today to get a jammed DVD out of my macbook, so I had to wait 30mins for them to fixit so decided to cross the road and have a look in Topshop.
As I'm trying to save money for my holiday in April I didn't want to go downstairs to the clothes floor so I stayed on the makeup and accessories floor were I found some great piece's.
Please excuse the picture quality :( 
I haven't tried any of there Topshop - Make up cosmetics before, but I tried some of the samples and these are a few of the pieces I really liked.

1. Lipstick in Clueless (pencil)-> £7
2. Magic Liner in black (felt) -> £8
3. Liner in Khol (pencil)-> £4
4. Nail art pen in Barbarella-> £6.50

They are priced quiet decently as well all 4 products only cost me only £, so I was very pleased. Cant wait to try them out properly.

Full Review coming soon, Hopefully my camera will be working properly by then

Take Care
Kiwi ..x


  1. Nice buys I want e Topshop blushers<3

  2. Im looking forward to the full reviews.. ive never tried their make up.. and aaw didnt realize im on your blog roll.. thanks hun!! take care xx


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