Monday, 25 February 2013

Rihanna Meet's Topshop: Spring Collection

Hey guy's
Is it just me or is everyone excited about Rihanna's new collection at Topshop. I Cant wait, as most of you may now, I'm a big fan of Rihanna's style which I've blogged about previously as 1 of my Style Crush which you can check out here: Rihanna.
Picture Source

Above are a few piece's from her collection. I'm loving the bold strippy pieces, they will defiantly make a statement, the skater skirt is defiantly on my wish-list :). The pop of yellow colour in the collection will be great to get for spring/summer season, as it looks very bright and cheerful. I also really like this collection in particular as she has created some great simple, yet classy pieces that will look great combined with piece I already have in my wardrobes which is a bonus. My favourite piece at the moment would have to be the long boots in the first picture.

 I'm not to sure if its going to be online in the States, but they will be in UK stores very soon. I can't wait :)

Find out more about the competition on the following link: Rihanna for River Island

And you can check out a behind the scene's video of the catwalk on the Cosmopolitan website here

Take Care

Friday, 15 February 2013

Aztec N.O.T.D

Hey guys
So after looking at numerous Aztec nail art design, I decided to try it myself and this is what i came up with. Surprisingly It wasn't to hard coming up with the designs as you literally just have to make lines and dots. However trying to make neat line's isn't so easy. Thats why i didnt attempt it on my right hand x_x lol.

What i used - And my plain right hand 
Has anyone else tried aztec designs?


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day - Discounts

Hey Everyone

As we all deserve to be spoilt heres a Latest in Beauty, is offering a 14% discount today :) 
Check out code Lovelib

There are also 10 Luxury facial treatments to be won at Courthouse Clinic across the uk: here

Very is giving away £10 of your first credit order of £25 or more at Very
Check out code: 39CH4

But most of all, I Just wanted to wish all of my lovely reader's a
I love you all for following my blog and I  hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones xX

Thursday, 7 February 2013

My new Brushes have arrived :)

Hey guys,

So I wanted to get some new brushes, Usually I buy mine of of E.L.F or buy them in super drugs, but i decided I wanted a set so they all matched. I first looked on MAC as they're brushes are greatly recommend although they weren't to expensive individually buying quite a few would be, and I was looking to buy a whole set. Then my friend told me that ebay had some good quality dupes thats when I came across these bad boys :)

Quick Review
  • All the brushes are soft to touch, feel great on my skin. Which would suggest good blending once I use them. 
  • There is a great variation of brushes. 
  • Love the sleek black colour 
  • A few stray hairs on the bigger brushes (as expected) but I can easily fix that up
  • Great price £12.78 including postage and it came the next day :) 
This is how the case looks when it is folded up
 Link to the seller

Roll up carrying case / Powder Brush / 2x Foundation Brushes / 4x Lip Brushes / 4x Blush Brushes / 3x Eyebrow Brushes / 12x Eyeshadow Brushes / 2x Eyeliner Brushes / 3x Eye Smudge Brushes

Has anyone else brought brushes off ebay? 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My 'Avenue 32' Spring/Summer Wishlist

Hey dolls,

I know its still quite cold in England but the snow has stopped, which means Spring is soon approaching. Personally I cant wait, manly because I have a holiday to spain with my friends booked, a cheerleading competition and a baby niece or nephew coming :). So it looks like its going to be a great Spring/summer this year. As I'm such an eager beaver I've already started looking at my Spring/summer.I heard about a site called Avenue 32 , which sells Luxury designer fashion and decide to come up with my Spring/Summer (Payday) Wishlist.

Off white panel skirt
by Cedric Charlier - £180
Black Leather Yoke Skirt
by Marios Schwab - £1,445
Paint Splah Bloom Dress
by Preen - £785
Peacock Beandea Jumpsuit
by Thakoon Addition - £340

4omm Python St Tropez flats
 by Aperlai - £390
Heron Cross Body Satchel
 Calvin Klien Collection - £605
You can check out more of there summer dresses here: beautiful summer dresses from Avenue 32

Are you guys looking forward to warmer weather?


Monday, 4 February 2013

Bad Girl Lips, Neon Eyes and Kurt Geiger Gift Card: Elle MArch 2013

Hey Guys.

I haven't posted in a while since my laptop is at the apple store getting repaired after I dropped it which cracked the screen and key bored :'(.  So I don't know how well this post is going to come out since I'm doing this on my Samsung s3, but its only a quick post anyway to show you my Elle March Issue.  

So it comes with a gorgeous picture of victoria Beckham in a Green peplum top. And an Amazing £25 Kurt Geiger Gift card :) This will come in handy.

This issue is packed with an insight of victoria beckham, This spring 2013 collection, Style for less, Colour combos and much more. like the Beauty trends and how to's
'Bad Girl Lips' - Bright pinks and reds. Matte finishes give a contemporary edge.
'Boyish Looks' - Sculpted check bones, No mascara, Lavish brows, Slicked hair and full brows.
'Take Sides' - Exaggerated side partings Uber-groomed ponytails
'Neon Eyes' - The brighter the better , Channel a jungle rave
My Favourite page from this issue 

I hope everyone has a great week, Take care

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