Sunday, 26 January 2014

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Nail Inspiration: Yay or Nay?

Hey guys, So I was 'nose'ing around on instagram for nail inspiration and I came across these designs on a girls page (cant remember her name), But I had to get a screen grab them, I think there georous.

I dont know if I'd be brave enough for the 'twirly' nail, but I'm loving the rest. I've been giving the pierced nail some consideration for a while now and I am defiantly pro nail piercing. But the floral pattern, the gems, the paisley design and the pastel colours are defiantly an inspiration for my summer nails 2014 :).

What do you guys think of the twirl? and has anyone else tried the pierced nail before?


Friday, 3 January 2014

Britney Spear's Believe - Review

Hey dolls

So in this post I'll be reviewing the Britney Spears Believe eau de perfume that I recently purchased.
So, I was in beauty base today, going to top up on some new nail varnishes and get a new bottle of my favourite Rihanna Reb'l Fluer perfume. So while I was in there I saw this britney spears Believe perfume, It had a weird but gorgeous bottle which drew me to it, I always have a love for bottles and packaging. So I had to smell it and I instantly feel in love. It has an absolutely gorgeous smell, its a very sweet, kind of fruity smell, Its quite hard to explain but it is very feminine with a hint of sophistication. The smell also seems to be long lasting so far since i sprayed on the sample which is a mega plus in my books. 
So I ended up getting the 1oz/30ml bottle, as Its cute and travel sized. And Its in My favourite colours Purple & Green :). I was also extra happy as It was on sale for £9.99, from £20 :D yay!!
You can get a better look at the bottle here
I also love the slogan: The Greatest Freedom is to believe in yourself.  

Take Care 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Years

Pinch punch, First of the month. 

Where did the time fly, its 2014 already. It seems like just yesterday I was counting in 2013 but in actual fact I was counting in 2014 (literally lol). So as it is a new year and a new start I thought I'd
make a post slightly different from my usual beauty and fashion related post so instead I thought I'd start this year of with a reflection.

My Life

  • I met some amazing people at various events, some I blogged about like FashionMeetsMusic, And I truly am grateful for the new people who have entered my life. I have so many new memories because of them and from that have become a better me. 
  • I also have a gorgeous baby niece born in august, my sisters second child, so I'm now a auntie of two :), and I couldn't be happier. As my nephew is starting to getting annoyed of taking my pictures lol, I now have a new photographer but its going to be a while before I train her up. 
  • I also started my new job as an art technician in a secondary school and I am currently loving it. All the staff are amazing and the kids sure do come up with the funniest things.
  • But what I loved the most is how much time i was able to spend with family. Family birthdays, weddings, christening have been overwhelming but amazing this year.

My Blog

  • Through writing my blog this year, I have learnt alot about myself and realised I can get a bit lazy x_x. lol, I've done so much and experienced so many things but didnt blog about it. sometimes its understandable as it isn't relevant to my blog topic, but there has been plenty of times when they were very much related but I just didn't have time to :(, but I hope to be more regular this year as blogging is something I love doing. 
  • I also have a lot of new things planned for my blog including a meet-up event, which I've been planning for a while so look out for that. I also have a lot of other ideas in the direction I want to take this blog I hope you guys as my readers enjoy the change. 

 Keeping it realistic
Besides passing my driving practical this year (fingers crossed), I hope to just carry on learn new things and growing as a person through both my life and my blog.

Its a brand new year, Time to cheer :D 

Take Care
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