Saturday, 17 March 2012

Topshop Lipstick - Clueless (Review)

Hey guys, 
So Heres my review on the TopShop Lipstick, that I had brought recently. 
  • First off all I love that its in a crayon form
This makes it very easy to use and it prevents that lipstick breakage that can happen when you press down to hard on a regular lipstick (which has happened to me on many occasions x_x).
  • Its very easy to apply
Comes on very smoothly and leaves your lips felling creamy all day.
  • The colour is very bright and long lasting. Really pops out
I wore it out to uni the other day, and i got quite a lot of compliments. although I'm not to sure it suits me. may take some getting used to. It might just be a glammed up lipstick rather than a everyday.
  • It has a Life expectancy of 36months and it only cost me £7 :) 
So even if I don't wear it everyday, it doesn't go off for 3years compared to lipstick I've paid more for that have only lasted 6 - 12 months. So i guess this is a bonus.
  •  Last off all I love the actual Interior  
The packaging although quite plan looks gorgeous, Its an amazing colour. And i love the shape of it.

Here is the lipstick applied 
I think it might be worth my trying a different colour. Altogether i give this product 9/10

Here's a quick video demonstrating how easy the application is, and the final results. 

Has anyone else tried this product?


  1. Great colour :) I really want to try these! x

    1. Thanks you really should, Its a great product..x


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