Saturday, 31 August 2013

End of August: OOTD

Hey guys, 
surprisingly its the end of August and in London the sun is still out :), I have defiantly been loving the weather the past couple of days, Its been hot but not 32°c Baking like the heatwave fought-night. 

Any who heres my O.O.T.D Im wearing today to meet up with some friends over lunch and drinks for a catch up. I didn't wanna be to over dressed so I've decide to go casual with a loose floral blouse, high waisted disco pants, and my curved wedges. 
Leather pants: EbaySeller / Blouse: Newlook / Wedges: Primark

I thought the pink shoes would help break up the monochrome look. Haven't decided on a bag yet but it will probably be either my pink or black clutch. 

Take care

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Marley twist / Havana braids hair style ideas

Hey guys
I'm here to share some of my favourite go to hairstyles I've been wearing this summer. Although my hair is in chunky twist these hairstyles are definitely transferable to box braids or all hair types with some length. So I hope these are helpful to someone :)

I love having Marley twist as they are a great protective hair style, they keep your ends sealed and I am easily able to wash and moisturise my hair while they are in the style. I also love how versatile they are as they can pretty much be manipulated into any style. So Please feel free to check out my hairstyle tutorial below to see how I created my 5 goto hairstyles, and hopefully someone tries one out :)

Take Care

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Todays NOTD

Hey guys,
Here's todays NOTD, I couldn't decided what to do so I went with a combination of designs. Using the beige, black and pink as my main colours.

Im surprised how neat my right hand managed to turn out. This is the first time I actually prefer it over my right. Practice makes perfect :)
My Left Hand 
My Right Hand 
Take Care

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

OOTD: Maxi skirt and Sun hat

So heres a quick post to show you guys one of my Summer Ootd. This was from about a weeks ago when going to watch the X- factor auditions with my friend. The sun hat was a must that day as it was 34°C and I can defiantly say it helped keep me cool. 
Hat - Peacocks / Cropped top - Primark / Maxi Skirt - Topshop / Waist Belt - Asos / 
Jelly sandals - Primark / Bag - Bagable

X Factor

Heres are a few pics from the day :)

Maybe next year I'll be on the stage instead of in the audience lol

Take Care

Thursday, 1 August 2013

OMG!!!!!!! Its August already: Elle Freebies

Hi Beauts,
Im on my way to Brighton with some friends to have a nice relaxing day on the beach in the sun. So earlier today my Elle magazine came through the post, so I decided to take it with me for some light reading at the beach. Im not to sure how this post is going to turn out as I'm doing It on my phone lol, but anyway's its just a quick post to show you this September Issues Freebies. 
So here in this issue, with a gorgeous picture of Katy Perry on the front. So with it I got a small bottle of hair spray by Bb - Bumble and bumble which is a thickening hairspray. I've never heard of this company before so Don't know much about there products. It says it can be used on wet or dry hair before blow drying, However I hardly ever blow dry my hair, but I love trying new things :) so instead I'll spray it on my hair after washing to see if it holds in my curls. So look out as I'll will be doing a review very soon. 

The second thing was some XY nail colours, which came with a Peugeot advertisement. They are press on nail colours and I must say I'm loving the colour. At first I thought it was a bit weird having nail colours advertising a car, but then it is in a Fashion mag so I Guess it goes lol. Will definatly be trying these out soon aswell. 





Has anyone else got this month's Elle magazine? 

After the last few days of horrible weather we've had in London, I hope your all enjoying the sun 
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