Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 fashion Resolutions

My must have fashion and beauty for 2012

Just a quick post before I get ready to celebrate for tonight.
Here are Some of my 'Fashion Resolution' that I'm going to purchase/tryout during 2012

1. Get a doctors bag
 I love these bags, they look great and hold a lot of things, defiantly a must have.
Asos £35 
forever 21 £18.75

Boohoo £22

2. Eat More healthy
Im going to start eating healthier want to loose some excess fat and get a lot fitter been feeling a bit sluggish these last couple of months :(
More water
less fizzy drinks
More fruit & veg
Less Sweets & chocolate
Join a gym
Apparently clubbing isn't exercise lol

Hopefully I keep at these things this year lol, I think i say this every year

3. Lace Embellishments
It not only creates a little excitement to our usual classic's. I think it also make u feel a little more special and sexy inside.
Peacocks £28
Asos £40
Boohoo £20

4. Grow healthy Hairstyles
As well as the 'hairstyles i'm loving' I'm going to be rocking a bun. It looks fab and it is also a great way to protect your ends. Which is good as i'm trying to grow my hair. 
Christina Milian - High bun
Beyonce - Braided bun updo
Eva longoria - Low bun

5. Get More Statement Jewellery 
If the right piece is sleeted it can often make your outfit, and help to show off your personality. 

Topshop £10
Coloured skull ring
Fantasy Jewellery Box
Fox Ring 
Topshop £22
Back Chain Necklace

What are your fashion and beauty resolutions? 

I hope everyone has fun counting down the new year

Bring on 2012 
Kiwi ..x

Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy Holidays

Hey guy's just a quick post

I hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas, and are having a great holiday.

Personally I had a lovely time.
*I was surrounded by friends and family :).
*I got some great gifts.
*Ate some delicious food (love my mum's Cooking)
*Watched a lot of christmas classic films :)
What more can I ask for?

I hope you all had a lovely time.

Wishing everyone a happy and successful new Year
Its nearly 2012 Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiwi ..x

Friday, 23 December 2011

My Winter WonderLand inspired nails :)

This is the nail varnish I am currently rocking, a design I created  to match this christmas season. 
I have seen many example and got inspired so I thought I'd have ago. 
Winter wonderland inspired nail art

I really like the overall look, but i think the wrapping paper technic would have worked better with a light colour base. Check out My main Inspiration here

 To create this look you will need:
* Nail Varnish of your choice
I'm using Glam nail varnish in Taupe & Bronze glitter.
* Preferably Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka
*Christmas wrapping Paper
*cotton buds
*Nail varnish Remover just in case

How to do it
1) After I applied My base coat, I then painted my nail using a Taupe colour by Glam Nail lVarnish.
2) I then painted the tips off all my nails except the pointy finger using the sparkle bronze colour, Also by glam. i did a few layers as it was quit opaque.
3) I then cut out the piece off snow many I wanted to print onto my nail.
4) I then used the cotton bud to cover my pointy finger with the vodka, and then carefully laid the picture over my nail, and applied more vodka (with the cotton bud) over the top.
5)I smoothed it over for about 30-50 seconds
6)Then the image was transferred. I then went over it with a glittery top coat.
7)Then went over all my nails with a clear topcoat.

Glam Nail varnish

It was quite time consuming, but I love the results :D

Why not give it ago, It might be a good way to entertain any little cousin's or sisters you might be around on christmas day.

Its only 2 Days away :), Im very excited. Gonna be with my family tomorrow :).

Take care, I hope everyone is enjoying there holidays
Kiwi ..x

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Two New Dresses :)

Can you believe these dresses were 1 for £15 or 2 for £20 :D
I think i got my christmas and New years eve dress sorted (y)
New Years Eve Dress
Christmas Dress

I love a bargain :), especially when the dresses are so cute. Very happy with my find.

5 more days to christmas & only 11 More days till 2012. Need to start think up my resolution.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.
Kiwi ..x

Monday, 19 December 2011

Dainty Roses

So my package came Today :) I got some really cute things.

I found this website, whilst on emsmixedbag blog here. I really liked what she had got in her christmas goody bag offer so I decided to give it ago as well.

This is what I got.

Such personal packaging, I love the thought
gone into this. So cute

Cherry Earrings 


Neclace's. I LOVE the owl one so much
The elephants cute too :) 


Rings, so unique and different. 
I really like everything I got, especially since it was all a surprise. But going through the Dainty Roses website anyway, I didn't think there was anything i didn't like everything is so cute :). This goody bag was only £11 and i think it is sooo worth it.

Only 6 days to christmas everyone, Take care
Kiwi ..x

Thursday, 15 December 2011


My nails at the moment.
Not one of the best designs I've had but I like the purple. 
Black, White, Purple, Silver and Gold. 
Only 10days left to Christmas :)
Kiwi ..x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas 2011

After looking at Shawn Giles, polyvore collage for newyears. I got inspired to create a festive Christmas day look.
Also another excuse to play on Polyvore :)
Christmas 2011

 Click images to find out where there from

Only 11 days to christmas :), I hope everyone's enjoy's there holidays.
Kiwi ..x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Viva Glam MAC

I love getting unexpected gifts :)
My Aunt gave me a Mac Eyeshadow Palette. From the Viva Glam Mac collection.

20 Colour Eye Shadow

This is the packaging, Lady Gaga,  I think its a great picture of her. 
I also like the actual case, black, sleek and light weight, easy to slip into make up bag and just carry around.

With Flash 
Without Flash 

As you can see there a range of glamourous golden tones, with some greens and purples. These are the colours I usually use which makes it a great gift. I could probably get some good subtle smokey looks from this palette.I love it and cant wait to try it out.

Thanks Aunty :)

Kiwi ..x

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Gifts & Family Traditions

So theres only 13days left until Christmas :) I'm really excited I love christmas

I love buying people presents, especially when I get to see them open it up. I think i'm good at knowing what people want but when it comes to me, I haven't got a clue. My mum just asked me what I wanted and I'm still in deep thought because I really don't know what I want, usually she just surprises me and she always get's it right. But know she's asking me :( it's to much pressure.
Help guys

Last year my Mum & Dad got me a lovely hemes Clutch bag. In Baby Blue :) one of my favourite colours.

I think it was actually my favourite pressie last year, I use it so much, its basically become my go to bag when i'm stuck for decision.
My parents know me so well. I Don't know why they want me to think this year. (There so mean :'( lol)
Click Here to see the hermes website.

My Family Tradition
But the best part of christmas is that I get to see nearly all my relatives, in my family we have a tradition were everyone goes to my great Gran's house, she lives next to her sister so they have a really big garden combined in which we set up a marquee. And i come from a really big family, my Greatgran had 5 children and my Gran had 8. so you can Imagine what its like.
Get to see all my aunts, uncle's, cousins, Second cousins, cousin's once/twice removed, Great aunties & uncles, in laws and some people i just call relatives coz I don't know the technical terms lol. The list really could go on, it's always a fun time get to catch up on everything and find out whats new with everyone, and meet new relatives.  It's such a fun tradition, I love it :) cant wait thats only 12days away (happy dance). Lucky we don't give out present's to everyone lol

What's your favourite part about christmas?
Kiwi ..x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

E.L.F - Eyeshadows

4301 - Butter Pecan

Very pigmented, bright colours and easy to blend together. 


7101 Butter Pecan 
I think I prefer the cream version of this colour. Much more distinct and bolder. I think this would work nicely as a glammed up golden smokey look.

7103 - Mocha Swirl 

7106 - Black Liquorice

I like the eyeshadow cream's. They are very smooth, blend easily and there easy to control. Also once dry they don't smudge easily which is so good :). love the colours especially the 7016 - Black liquorice i think that would be great for dramatic looks.

Kiwi ..x
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