Friday, 16 March 2012

New Nail Dotters :)

Hi guys.

Just thought I'd show you my new dotting tools that came in the post this morning.

They only cost my 99p on ebay, isnt that amazing. They're so colourful and cute, I cant wait to try them, Should make patterning a lot easier.
My seller was great it was shipped from Japan so it had said to wait 11 - 23 working day, but I ordered mine on wednesday 14th March and they came today so that was only 2 days so I'm quite pleased with that :) The return address says Portsmouth though so I guess that has something to do with the quickness lol.

My seller isn't selling them anymore but You can get  similar pair's here.

Just a quick post before I head out, hope everyone has a great day. Designs coming soon :)
Kiwi ..x


  1. how cool! may have to buy some, because the dots I try to do myself, are not cute at all lol

    1. lol, thats the reason i got them ..x

  2. 99p?! seriously? to ebay i go!

    1. Yep 99p Ebay is amazing :D ..x


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