Saturday, 31 March 2012

Travel Set & Fellow Blogger Giveaway

Hi guy,
So yesterday I went shopping after uni and I found this cute little travel kit in Primark.
You get 3 Bottles, 3 small tubes a funnel and sum labels. All in a cute little resealable bag all for £1. I don't know how i'll use them yet but since it was only £1, I had to buy it lol. I think it will be great for DIY's. It might come in handy as I'm going on holiday soon :)

On another note Fellow Blogger - Carla @ Deuces Beauties is doing an amazing giveaway.

Where lucky winners will have the chance to win either  the OPI Dutch Treats set or the Nicki Minaj Minis! 

Check it out here
Goodluck ..x

I hope everyone has a great Weekend

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Topshop Nail Art Pen Review

Hey guys
As you know I brought the TopShop Nail Art pen in Barbarella, which I showed in my Topshop Haul.

Here are the designs I had come with
Cute Bow & PokaDots

Blue & Pink Zebra

Various Patterns - First Attempt 

  • Pro's
  1. Its easy to use, works just like a pen 
  2. Comes out bold, Great colour 
  3. Allows you to create what ever pattern you want 
  4. Only £6.50
  • Con's
  1. Sometimes you have to press quit hard for it to come out 
  2. not good for colouring a big portion only details

How I Created the patterns/ Tutorial 
Bow & PokaDots

Various Patterns

Take Care
Kiwi ..x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Style Wars: Solange Knowles & Alesha Dixon

Hey guys
I havent done a style wars in ages.

As the sun is started to come out in England I'm online trying to find some nice summer dresses, while on the hunt for yet another maxi dress (i just cant get enough). I cam across this pic
Who wore it best? 
Personally I think they both look amazing in it but Solange steals the look.
What do you think?

$300 - Simply dresses
Buy it here
£33.50 - Asos
Buy it here
Here are two similar dress 
One you probably have to save up for and the other you can buy right now :) 

Im so excited for the summer weather :) 

Its not totally summer especially as English sun is often deceiving its more like Good bye Coats and hello cute spring Jackets (paired with a cute dress)

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather 
Kiwi ..x

Friday, 23 March 2012

Good Bye Acrylic nails. Hello Exotic pink

I finally got rid of my acrylic nails :'(. As a cheerleader I had to as competition is coming up and where not allowed long nails on the day.

As i felt astough my nails looked lost the wow factor I felt with my acrylics, a bright colour was urgently needed and I think this Exotic pink by La colours, I have, certainly done the trick.

Im loving the colour :)

Kiwi ..x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tone up

Hi guys
So I've decided I need to tone up.

I don't really have a goal as such as I'm not trying to drop a dress size or be a certain weight But I do want to get rid of the extra jiggly bit as its summer is approaching and I want to wear cute cropped top or bikini's to the beach.

Since monday 19/march/2012 I've been taking pics and videos to watch my progress. I've also been keeping a food, measurements and exercise diary as I have been told these help.
Im on the right lol, Except I dnt feel fat just jiggly :(
Picture Source
I will make a video of my progression soon, aswell as show before and after pics :)
Does anyone have any advice that can help, It will be much appreciated.

Kiwi ..x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Punky Pins

Hey guys,
So after a not so fun day at uni I am greeted with a delivery from Punky pin :) .
Its a site I came across Last week on a fellow bloggers page. Laura's @ Secret Diary Of A Fashion Journalist. I absolutely loved the piece she had got so I had to take a look at the site.
They certainly had some amazing pieces and I couldn't choose just 1. And since I' m trying to save money I didn't think it was a good idea to just buy everything I like. lol. So then when I came across the Mega mystery bag I got excited :). I dedcided to get the £10 one that contains £25 worth of goodies. And this is what I got:
Some Badges

Robot Necklace
 My favourite Item 
A Cute Bow pendant Necklace

Marine inspired Charmed Necklace 

'LOL' Studs - How cute :) 
Owl hair Pin - Super Cute

I really like all the piece's there so cute and unique, nothing i have seen before, I really like getting "Mystery box's", I got one before with Dainty Roses. I personally feel the surprise element add's to the fun off shopping, and makes it more exciting. I mean who doesn't like a surprise? Especially when your guaranteed a great outcome as the site is full of super cute goodies :)

Has anyone else tried out this site?

I Hope everyone has a great week
Kiwi ..x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I would like to dedicate this post to my mother, and wish her a Happy Mothers day.
My mum is my best friend, my advisor, my idol. My shoulder to lean on, my chef (lol) My everything. Thanks for being such a wonderful lady, and helping me grow into the young lady I am today.
Love you Mummy..x

I would also like to wish all the fellow 'yummy mummy' bloggers a Happy Mothers day. Enjoy your day's you deserve it ..x


Topshop Eyeliner (review)

Hey guys 
So heres  what the two topshop eyeliners look applied. (Please excuse my tired/dopey looking eyes lol.)

Magic liner on top lid 

Magic Liner in black (felt) : £8

I really liked this product. I like felt liners anyway as their easy to apply and control. I really liked the intensity and colour of this brand in particular as its very dark, bold and last all day. Since buying it ive worn it every day :) 

Magic liner on top lid/ Kohl Pencil on water line 

Liner in Kohl (pencil): £4

This didn't seem like anything special to me, really just your normal pencil liner. It does smudge quit a bit, as you can see in the pics. But it is very dark and apply without having to push down very hard. And at £4 I cant really complain. I love the packaging on this to supper cute I think.

Kiwi ..x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Topshop Lipstick - Clueless (Review)

Hey guys, 
So Heres my review on the TopShop Lipstick, that I had brought recently. 
  • First off all I love that its in a crayon form
This makes it very easy to use and it prevents that lipstick breakage that can happen when you press down to hard on a regular lipstick (which has happened to me on many occasions x_x).
  • Its very easy to apply
Comes on very smoothly and leaves your lips felling creamy all day.
  • The colour is very bright and long lasting. Really pops out
I wore it out to uni the other day, and i got quite a lot of compliments. although I'm not to sure it suits me. may take some getting used to. It might just be a glammed up lipstick rather than a everyday.
  • It has a Life expectancy of 36months and it only cost me £7 :) 
So even if I don't wear it everyday, it doesn't go off for 3years compared to lipstick I've paid more for that have only lasted 6 - 12 months. So i guess this is a bonus.
  •  Last off all I love the actual Interior  
The packaging although quite plan looks gorgeous, Its an amazing colour. And i love the shape of it.

Here is the lipstick applied 
I think it might be worth my trying a different colour. Altogether i give this product 9/10

Here's a quick video demonstrating how easy the application is, and the final results. 

Has anyone else tried this product?

Friday, 16 March 2012

New Nail Dotters :)

Hi guys.

Just thought I'd show you my new dotting tools that came in the post this morning.

They only cost my 99p on ebay, isnt that amazing. They're so colourful and cute, I cant wait to try them, Should make patterning a lot easier.
My seller was great it was shipped from Japan so it had said to wait 11 - 23 working day, but I ordered mine on wednesday 14th March and they came today so that was only 2 days so I'm quite pleased with that :) The return address says Portsmouth though so I guess that has something to do with the quickness lol.

My seller isn't selling them anymore but You can get  similar pair's here.

Just a quick post before I head out, hope everyone has a great day. Designs coming soon :)
Kiwi ..x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Leggings :)

Hey guys

So a while ago I saw these leggings on a website ----->
Cant exactly remember where, I just remember they was expensive and that there was noway that I could afford them lol. Anyways I decided to save a pic and send it to all my friends telling them to  give me a shout out if they saw them lol. Unfortunately I was not in luck :(.

Anyways as I was on my break during uni today I decide to stop of at H'n'M and thats when I fell in love with another pair of leggings. There not even the same material, colour or style except that they are both high wasted.  Anyways I have to say I love them. They fell great on, fit extremely well, And at only £12.99 Im so happy :).
Unfortunately The Pic does not do them justice :(
Just thought I had to share them, They are amazing. Im so happy with my find

I hope everyone is having a great week so far

Thursday, 8 March 2012

One for the wishlist

Hey Guys

I love looking at the United Nude website, Even though I know I couldn't afford most of the items. There shoes are amazing and besides its free to look :) lol

Anyways just wanted to share my two favourite pairs at the moment. Aren't they gorgeous. Its a shame I can only admire from a far. Sigh
Black Nappa $330.00
Off white Napa $650.00

Maybe one day, or maybe an alternative lol
Kiwi ..x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Topshop - Makeup Haul

Hey guy

So I had to go to the Apple shop today to get a jammed DVD out of my macbook, so I had to wait 30mins for them to fixit so decided to cross the road and have a look in Topshop.
As I'm trying to save money for my holiday in April I didn't want to go downstairs to the clothes floor so I stayed on the makeup and accessories floor were I found some great piece's.
Please excuse the picture quality :( 
I haven't tried any of there Topshop - Make up cosmetics before, but I tried some of the samples and these are a few of the pieces I really liked.

1. Lipstick in Clueless (pencil)-> £7
2. Magic Liner in black (felt) -> £8
3. Liner in Khol (pencil)-> £4
4. Nail art pen in Barbarella-> £6.50

They are priced quiet decently as well all 4 products only cost me only £, so I was very pleased. Cant wait to try them out properly.

Full Review coming soon, Hopefully my camera will be working properly by then

Take Care
Kiwi ..x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mini "DIY" - Accidents can make cute "DIY"

Hey guys
So I was putting on my shorts this morning and my button pops off :(. I loved these shorts I got them from New look last summer, and they became one of my statement pieces, so I was kind of upset when this happened. Anywho I wasn't gonna let this incident stop me wearing my favourite shorts so I searched for the button.
Then I released it was those funny sort of button that cant be sewn on, so I was just going to see if I could super glue it back on lol. you can probably tell I really do love these shorts. Anyway so I got out the super glue but then I thought to myself how would a different button look, it might give it a subtle newlook. Maybe even a splash of colour. This created my "Mini DIY".
What I used 
Added each button 1 by 1 
 And here is my final results, I love them I think it looks sort of retro in a way :) It's such a small DIY, but it gives of a great new look.

Sorry for the blurry pics all taken on my phone

What do you guys think?
I know its not much of a difference lol but I think I love them even more now.

Kiwi ..x

Friday, 2 March 2012

Cosmo freebies & Giveaway

Hey guys

So I brought my April addition of my favourite magazine cosmpolitan :) and this issue has teamed up with Clinique which our giving away some great samples.
April 2012 Addition 
So there are four products to collect and every issue has two. Lucky I found an issue that had three products :) so this is what I got.
-► Clinique moisture surge - extended thirst relief
I found this cream very light and moisturising, should be great in the summer when you dont want something really heavy
-Clinique super balm - moisturising gloss
This came out very gloss. It apply's on smoothly and leaves your lips very soft, isn't sticky at all. However doesn't have any colour, comes on clear.
-Clinique high impact mascara 
I have yet to try this, but it is supposed to lengthen and define without clumps

I love freebies :),

This issue is also doing a great 40 piece £55,000 worth of treats. To be in the chance of winning some of these lovely goodies you can enter the competion on there site here.
Good luck lovely..x

Hope everyone has a great weekend
Kiwi ..x

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Kreativ Blog Award

Hey Guys
I am very happy to have been award the Kreativ award by two of my fellow bloggers. One from Kendra at SpecialK  and the other was from Kayleigh Marie
1. Name your favourite song
I have so many, but at this moment it will have to be Demarco - "I love my life", It is such a positive song (y)
2. Name your favorite dessert
Banana split on Pancakes, Strawberry or Caramel sauce with peanuts sprinkled over the top hmmmmm
3. What ticks me off
I don't usually get ticked off easily but one thing I hate is when I leave the hair salon and it starts raining :( 
4.  When I'm upset I
Like to talk to my Mum, She all ways knows how to make me smile
5. What is your favorite pet
I really want a puppy, But I don't want to clean up after it lol, Thats the only thing stopping me from getting one (n)
6. Black of white
Black, It looks sleeker, even my macbook has a black hard shell lol
7. Biggest fear
Any type or Rodent, they all creep me out. I wish I wasn't scared though.
8. Everyday attitude
Im usually very optimistic :)
9.  What is perfection
I don't think that it can be defined. I believe that everyone is perfect in their own way.  
10. Guilty pleasures
Take Aways, I have far too many x_X

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers
Fashionionettista - I love her style 
StarlightRadiance - Great nail designs
ForbiddenVanity - Great Style

I hope everyone had fun reading this :) 

Pinch Punch First Of the Month lol, Take care 
Kiwi ..x
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