Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Olympia Beauty Exhibition Haul - (Giveaway Closed)


So I had a great time at the Olympia Beauty Exhibition last sunday. There was so much to do. their was loads of stalls with the best prices ever, loads of freebies, Talks, tutorials, salon's, you could get your hair done, nails done, teeth whitened and so much more. It was truly a beauty heaven.

So here's a haul of what I managed to get at the show.
Beautiful Brows - £30
1. Application Brush, 2. Eyebrow shadow, 3. Eyebrow stencils, 4. Lipstick, 5. Mascara 
Helen E cosmetics - £10
1Cream & concealer duo. 2. Tan lipstick, 3. Shimmer eye shadow, 4. Lip liner, 5. eyeliner
Dream Rollers - Laurens way
20 for £15
Nail art pens -  buy one get one free @ £1 each
Nail art - £1 each buy 5 get 2 free
Eyelashes - 3 for £10
Eyelash applicator - £3.99
Nail enamel dryer & Nail varnish remover bottle - £1each

Im really happy with my buy's such great discounts, reviews will be coming soon.

 Anyway As I was shopping around, I thought I'd get some some bits to do a goody bag giveaway, for a fellow blogger so here is what a lucky reader can get:
 The eyelash Emporium goody bag - Glass nail file - Eyelashes - Beauty Brow's lipstick - £10 voucher on Helen E online store - 2 Nail art pens - Peeling facial regenerator by Ten Image - Gold glitter nail art 
So if you would like to be in with the chance of winning:

  • You must be a follower 
  • Just comment bellow stating that you would like to participate. 
I am willing to ship out internationally as I appreciate all my readers. Competition ends 20th october and the winner will be randomly selected.

To increase your chances of wining you can get Extra points for:
+1 - Blogging about the giveaway (leave a link in the comment)
+1 - Following me on Twitter (@KiwiBlogger let me know what your following as in the comment)
+1 - Tweeting about the giveaway

Good Luck :)


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Autumn 2012 - Must haves

Hey guy's

The weather we've been having in London lately has defiantly suggested that summer is over and Autumn is approaching. After attending London Fashion Weekend & Olympia Beauty Exhibition I have come up with the Autumn 2012 Must haves.

First of all Fashion
This season brings back layering aswell as the ever fashionable tailored look.
Studded pieces and leather have also carried on from summer, so add some of this season into the old.
Layered Clothes
Leather studed jacket
Asos - Source
Tailored look
London Fashion Week- Source
Then for the Hair
Protective styles, like updo's and Bun look cute. As well as big volumed hairstyle with loose curls are in this season.
Its just as important to seal the end's of your hair from the cold as in the sun, so make sure to use a good conditioner when hair is out.
High bun
Hair by Toni&Guy - Source
Hair by Toni & Guy - Source
Lots of Volume

And lastly this season Make-up 
This season is about red lips, Fluffy fuller eyebrows and metallic eyes
It's important to remember that our skin acts different in different tempretures so remember to Use the right moisturises to stop chapping over the colder seasons 
Red Lips
Vouge - Source 
Matalic eyes


What do you guy's think of these trends?

I hope you all had a great week

Saturday, 22 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend

Hey guys

So, Last thursday, 20th September,I went to London Fashion Weekend, at somerset house, and it was amazing.
The catwalk from London Fashion Weekend
There was so much amazing clothes and they were at such great prices. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything in my size (UK 10&12 always seem to go first) But I still had a great time. There was loads to see and do. I got a free massage, skincare consultation, toke pictures with coke, and got to listen to professionals aswell as watch this season's catwalk show. Aswell as bag some freebies :)

So as I went in I collect my, Mulberry designed, tote bag full of goodies. Heres a look inside.

- The cutest bottle of coke EVER!!!
- A Mirror by Shopstyle
- Sea Salt hair spray by Label.m
- Visible Difference by Elizabeth Arden
- Self tan glove by Velvotan
- Lavazza Coffe
Velvet pocket tissue's with Aleo vera
- Insoles by Compeed
- Colgate - Max White one, Tooth paste 

I also got some goodies by benefits, with a goody bag giveaway from subscribing with Elle. 

It was a great subsribtion as it was £15 for the year, when the magazines are usually £3.90 each. So Inside I got:
- An issue of Elle Magazine
- Benefits, Bad Girl lash Mascara
- Benefits, the POREfessional balm 
- Benefits, Creaseless cream shadow/liner

There was also a great talk called Kiss and makeup. This talked about, hair and makeup. the importance of looking after your skin and recommended products etc, It was very informative. Heres just a little bit of the great talk.

Overall i had a great day, i cant wait for next year :), But for now i have the Olympia Beauty Exhibition to look forward to tomorrow :)

Did anyone else go to the show?

I hope everyone has had a great week


Sunday, 16 September 2012

NOTD - Toffee Twist

Hey guy's

So here's my recent NOTD
I absolutely love it. Its the Toffee Twist by Revlon, that I got at TheNailShow during the polish swap.  It looks quite red in the picture but it comes out as a yummy red/toffee colour.

The polish itself is quite good as well, I got a great coverage with just 1 application, and the brush spreads out quite big so 1 or 2 strokes done fine.
      I haven't brought revlon nail varnish before, as I thought it was quite expensive, But I'm now in love with this brand and may be a new buyer :).

Pic in the middle has no flash
I hope everyone had a great week 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Four pieces of Jewellery for under £10 :)

Hey guys, 
So I went to Primark today to get some new PJ's as its getting colder at night nowadays :(, But unfortunately warm and cosy one's are not in stock yet. So while I was there I found myself looking around the jewellery section :). 
     I haven't got any jewellery from them recently as I haven't seen anything that interesting. But today was a little different and I came out with these few pieces. And I thought I'd show you lot what I got. 

1. Drop Chain Earrings - £3
2. Flower Stud Earrings - £2.50
3. Glasses Double-Ring - £2
4. Leopard print studs - £2

I've sure missed buying their Jewellery, I mean where else can you get such cute pieces for so cheap. its amazing.
       I love the ring, and as I have a double-ring fetish at the moment this was defo gonna be a buy.

What do you guy's think?


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Olympia Beauty Exhibition

Hey guy's
So I've just found out about this Olympia Beauty Exhibition that takes place in the Olympia Exhibition Centre west london near the end of this month. It seems like a great show  full of hair, 
nails and beauty professional's. 
As many of my fellow bloggers are beauty oriented I thought I'd  share this with you guys as you get free entry. All You have to do is sign up and they'll send you a free event badge. So as long as your able to get to london and you have nothing else planned why not go along. I've booked me and my friend in :) 

There's a lot more information on their website so feel free to check it out here  

I hope everyone has been having a great week and enjoying the sun 


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Nail Show

Hey guys

So Last month on Saturday 18th August I went to ThenailShow in Shoreditch, which was their first event. I had previously applied and was given free tickets when I had gone to the Hair & Beauty Show earlier this year.
              So at this show they had a few different events on their was many stalls. Some had tutorials on nail designing, They showed us how to do acrylic nail, gel, hand nail designs, 3D designs and many more.Their was also a natural products stand, with hand and body creams. You colud get manicures and hand designs really cheap and many other different stalls, including a Cupcake stand. (Hhmmmmmm)

So while I was there I went to one of the nail designing work shops. You could pick what designs you wanted to practice, I choose to do flowers. So here's one of the attempts I did, with the help by @elize_nails
There was also a polish swap bar, were you would go and you could basically swap any nail polishes you had with others at the swap bar. I had a double of the glitter 1 so I didn't mind, and I hardly used the shade of pink so this was my swap
And a raffle, every hour. Which i actually won. :) I was given £35 voucher to spend at a hair salon in Wembley. Which I'm really pleased about. 

Some other designs at the show

Here is a short clip of some of the show. I didnt get much footage but it has some more designs from the show and me getting my Tribal nail designed by @EditStaceynow, You can see more of her designs here.


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Style Crush: Mel B


So my latest celebrity style crush has to be the Melonie Brown, who, as most people will know a member of the spice girls.
Since the spice girls has gone on to be an actress, TV personality, author, fitness spokes person whilst being a YUMMY MUMMY
I love her post spice girls style nowaday's, she can be very versitile and has a variety of looks, which she pulls off well. I love her style as it is very down to earth yet Glamourous at the same time.
What do you guys think off her style?


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pinch Punch first of the month


Sorry for my long absent, I've been really busy working at the olympics for the last month and a half. I hope everyone has had a great summer and has been enjoying the games.

It was a truly great experience.
So while we was there we also got to meet broadcasters from other countries. As they all had pins to trade and give out it became a little competition to collect as much as possible lol. Here are most of mine, some are really cute.
I meet some amazing people, learnt a lot about how a big media production works, got a great paycheck :) and best of all got to be apart of a once in a lifetime experience. It is something I will never forget.

But I will now be back to blogging, I have missed it dearly. Thanks for sticking by :) I have some great posts lined up. Including my day at TheNailShow.

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