Monday, 19 March 2012

Punky Pins

Hey guys,
So after a not so fun day at uni I am greeted with a delivery from Punky pin :) .
Its a site I came across Last week on a fellow bloggers page. Laura's @ Secret Diary Of A Fashion Journalist. I absolutely loved the piece she had got so I had to take a look at the site.
They certainly had some amazing pieces and I couldn't choose just 1. And since I' m trying to save money I didn't think it was a good idea to just buy everything I like. lol. So then when I came across the Mega mystery bag I got excited :). I dedcided to get the £10 one that contains £25 worth of goodies. And this is what I got:
Some Badges

Robot Necklace
 My favourite Item 
A Cute Bow pendant Necklace

Marine inspired Charmed Necklace 

'LOL' Studs - How cute :) 
Owl hair Pin - Super Cute

I really like all the piece's there so cute and unique, nothing i have seen before, I really like getting "Mystery box's", I got one before with Dainty Roses. I personally feel the surprise element add's to the fun off shopping, and makes it more exciting. I mean who doesn't like a surprise? Especially when your guaranteed a great outcome as the site is full of super cute goodies :)

Has anyone else tried out this site?

I Hope everyone has a great week
Kiwi ..x

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