Thursday, 1 March 2012

Kreativ Blog Award

Hey Guys
I am very happy to have been award the Kreativ award by two of my fellow bloggers. One from Kendra at SpecialK  and the other was from Kayleigh Marie
1. Name your favourite song
I have so many, but at this moment it will have to be Demarco - "I love my life", It is such a positive song (y)
2. Name your favorite dessert
Banana split on Pancakes, Strawberry or Caramel sauce with peanuts sprinkled over the top hmmmmm
3. What ticks me off
I don't usually get ticked off easily but one thing I hate is when I leave the hair salon and it starts raining :( 
4.  When I'm upset I
Like to talk to my Mum, She all ways knows how to make me smile
5. What is your favorite pet
I really want a puppy, But I don't want to clean up after it lol, Thats the only thing stopping me from getting one (n)
6. Black of white
Black, It looks sleeker, even my macbook has a black hard shell lol
7. Biggest fear
Any type or Rodent, they all creep me out. I wish I wasn't scared though.
8. Everyday attitude
Im usually very optimistic :)
9.  What is perfection
I don't think that it can be defined. I believe that everyone is perfect in their own way.  
10. Guilty pleasures
Take Aways, I have far too many x_X

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers
Fashionionettista - I love her style 
StarlightRadiance - Great nail designs
ForbiddenVanity - Great Style

I hope everyone had fun reading this :) 

Pinch Punch First Of the Month lol, Take care 
Kiwi ..x

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