Wednesday, 15 October 2014

5 essentials for productivity

Hey Dolls
So its mid October already!!! This year has gone so fast.

We've come to that time of year when the weather is cold and gloomy, the sky is grey and we are sat at work, uni or college counting down the days until the Christmas holidays. This weather has made me feel lazy and just wanting to sit at home under a big duvet, in thick comfy socks watching movies on the laptop (Disney movies are my Guilty Pleasure) and I probably not alone on this.

So for anyone like me, I wanted to share my 5 Essentials for Productivity.
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1. Start your day early
Rise and Shine!! Starting your day early not only makes you feel good, but it also allows you to maximise the time you have to get stuff done. So if you have productive day ahead, an early night the day before is defiantly a must.

2. Drink loads of Water
Drinking water can help you think properly, Feeling dehydrated can often result in headaches which can make you feel stressed and less productive. So drink up and a good breakfast, and healthy snacks can also help get you through your tasks.

3. Plan and organise
This may seem obvious but planning and organise is an essential. Make checklist or jot stuff down in a diary. I love setting mini goals for big tasks as achieving them gives me a sense of achievement. It also helps break down a task so it doesn't seem overwhelming.

4. Prioritise
Try to get  the important things done first, rather than the quick little jobs, so not to procrastinate. But don't get stressed out, Its important to still put time aside for yourself and your social life, you Just have to work out when you will have time to do what.

5. Choose your environment
A tidy workspace, makes for great work. I found this very true when writing my dissertation. But if you can't choose your environment, try to be as positive as possible, as your attitude may reflection to your task, I like to look at inspirational quotes, I've posted a few here:Thursday Thoughts.

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What do you guys do to stay Productive?
Take Care 


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