Monday, 26 March 2012

Style Wars: Solange Knowles & Alesha Dixon

Hey guys
I havent done a style wars in ages.

As the sun is started to come out in England I'm online trying to find some nice summer dresses, while on the hunt for yet another maxi dress (i just cant get enough). I cam across this pic
Who wore it best? 
Personally I think they both look amazing in it but Solange steals the look.
What do you think?

$300 - Simply dresses
Buy it here
£33.50 - Asos
Buy it here
Here are two similar dress 
One you probably have to save up for and the other you can buy right now :) 

Im so excited for the summer weather :) 

Its not totally summer especially as English sun is often deceiving its more like Good bye Coats and hello cute spring Jackets (paired with a cute dress)

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather 
Kiwi ..x


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