Saturday, 9 March 2013

Aztec cropped top and wet look midi/leggings

Hey guy's
So im going out for a friends birthday today and ordered my outfit on Tuesday (I know risky lol), but lucky they all came yesterday :), So heres a mini haul of what I got and how I plan to wear them.

£6.99 which i brought here: Seller
£17.99 and can be brought here: Seller
£2.99 which i brought here: Seller
 wetlook leggings
 Aztec Cropped top

wet look midi

 I dont know why the background has come up blue when I tried to upload them, very confused lol. I also added the original pics as i dont think my pictures are doing the items any justice x_x. But any way here are two off my O.O.T.D ideas and how I plan to style them.
Idea 2: pop of colour with Wet look leggings 
Idea 2: Monochrome look with Wet look midi skirt

So at first I couldn't decide if i wanted the leggings or the Midi skirt so i brought both, But I think I like the skirt outfit better, so I'll probably wear that today. Now i only need to think about my hair and makeup lol. Which outfit do you prefer?


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Trashy Chic?

Hey guys,
So these are not new picture's (thank goodness lol) but I've come across this picture of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez in this 'binbag' looking dress and thought I'd share it with you guys.
It reminded me of a theme party I attended in uni called ABC: Anything But Clothes, were we all literally made dresses out of bin bags and hazard tape, But that was for a party and we wouldn't consider wearing it on a normal day lol.

Me and some of my friends at the
A.B.C Party

So out of these to gorgeous singers who do you think pulled of this dress best?

And what do you lot think of the actual Bin bag style, would you wear it? 
trashy or Trashy Chic ?

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