Friday, 4 November 2011


This winter I'm really liking the whole snood's trend that been going on. Its a great accessory and can make a winter outfit pop out.

I haven't seen any that have really caught my eye though they all kind of look the same (n) I want something which makes more of a statement.

I currently have two:

This one i got from
Primark, i liked the colour and pattern of this one and its thick and keeps you warm. Plus they also had these cute matching Mittens :)
 My mittens are really dirty doe :( i think i wear them to much.
I love mittens doe coz they allow you to still allow me to use touch  screen things without taking of my gloves.
I also brought this one from Newlook, I think it was only £6. Didn't see any matching gloves doe :(. This one is quite plan but its really warm and goes with a lot more stuff. so thats a good thing :D. but its really common a lot of people seem to have it so i don't wear it to often.

If anyone has any suggestions of where I can get any nice ones please let me know. :) Thanks

Kiwi ..x


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