Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Seven Deadly Sins of Fashion Tag

Hey guy's
so I was tagged in the 7 deadly sins of fashion tag the other day by Kayleigh Marie, I'd thought I'd give it ago today as it quite fun answering these questions :).

1. Lust! What item of clothing or shoes would make you turn your head to give a man/woman a double take? What makes you go *blush blush* 
 Hmmm. It usually the smile or the eyes that make me blush, not really clothing. But in the summer when there topless that sure works :) A six pack is clothing right? lol  

2. Anger! What is your biggest 'pet peeve' when it comes to fashion, something that irritates you about either the fashion industry or something that people wear? You get the idea.
When people wear Sunglasses Inside the club '_' I just don't get it. I means its already dark inside there's no need to protect your eyes there is defiantly no sun rays.

3. Pride! What is your favourite piece of clothing or pair of shoes or accessory etc  in your wardrobe/closet at the moment? Your pride and joy, something that you're really proud to own and love to show off and prance around in any chance you get.
I would have to choose my owl necklace I got from Dainty Roses, I really like it, it goes with nearly everything. A piece of statement jewellery can make your outfit look 100times better 

4. Sloth! When you don't have time to get ready, what is your quick and easy item of clothing or oufit? 
When I'm strapped for time, I usually throw on a dress coz you can pretty much wear it on its own. don't have to think about matching it. If it winter i'd just throw a cardi on top. 

5. Envy! Name one item that someone you know or a celebrity has in their wardrobe/closet that you would love to have.
I would have to choose ... Really don't know 

6. Gluttony! To the point of extravagance or waste what do you own far too much of in your wardrobe/closet?
I have far to many vest tops, i they all seem to be the same colours x_X

7. Greed! Looking in your wardrobe/closet, what do you spend the most money on?
I spend most of my money on either party dresses or accessories. But you never know when your going to need them. Its good to be prepared   

I'm tagging all my followers in this so feel free to use this tag if you want, Or simply comment below, I'd love to hear your answers :)
Kiwi ..x


  1. Nice post! So true, I have like 100 white vest tops :p xx

  2. I love dresses for that reason! Fun post! thanks so much for your sweet commento :)

  3. I love your answers because I can soooo identify with you, lol. But I do spend the majority of my money on shoes (for now).

  4. Cool blog :) check out mine

  5. LOL everyone seems to have the same sort of answer for the first question. At least my guy starts with a shirt on. Haha. ;-)

    Kayleigh. x

  6. i think that was my favourite ANTM and great post!!! :) hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration.xo

    1. It was my favourite season too :)
      Kiwi ..x

  7. i am a bit late on this, but i just did this similar tag and would love for you to check it out at
    and i am following you now :)


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