Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Seven Deadly Sins of Fashion Tag

Hey guy's
so I was tagged in the 7 deadly sins of fashion tag the other day by Kayleigh Marie, I'd thought I'd give it ago today as it quite fun answering these questions :).

1. Lust! What item of clothing or shoes would make you turn your head to give a man/woman a double take? What makes you go *blush blush* 
 Hmmm. It usually the smile or the eyes that make me blush, not really clothing. But in the summer when there topless that sure works :) A six pack is clothing right? lol  

2. Anger! What is your biggest 'pet peeve' when it comes to fashion, something that irritates you about either the fashion industry or something that people wear? You get the idea.
When people wear Sunglasses Inside the club '_' I just don't get it. I means its already dark inside there's no need to protect your eyes there is defiantly no sun rays.

3. Pride! What is your favourite piece of clothing or pair of shoes or accessory etc  in your wardrobe/closet at the moment? Your pride and joy, something that you're really proud to own and love to show off and prance around in any chance you get.
I would have to choose my owl necklace I got from Dainty Roses, I really like it, it goes with nearly everything. A piece of statement jewellery can make your outfit look 100times better 

4. Sloth! When you don't have time to get ready, what is your quick and easy item of clothing or oufit? 
When I'm strapped for time, I usually throw on a dress coz you can pretty much wear it on its own. don't have to think about matching it. If it winter i'd just throw a cardi on top. 

5. Envy! Name one item that someone you know or a celebrity has in their wardrobe/closet that you would love to have.
I would have to choose ... Really don't know 

6. Gluttony! To the point of extravagance or waste what do you own far too much of in your wardrobe/closet?
I have far to many vest tops, i they all seem to be the same colours x_X

7. Greed! Looking in your wardrobe/closet, what do you spend the most money on?
I spend most of my money on either party dresses or accessories. But you never know when your going to need them. Its good to be prepared   

I'm tagging all my followers in this so feel free to use this tag if you want, Or simply comment below, I'd love to hear your answers :)
Kiwi ..x

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Eyelash Extensions

So I decided to do a review on these new eyelash extensions I decided to try out today.
The man in the shop recommended it as they're really thick. I usually use two packets of another brand at £1.99 a packet where as I would only need one packet of this brand at £2.45. So its a great deal I get to save £1.55 :)

Unfortunately when I got home and opened it, it didn't come with any eyelash glue, even though it cost more :(. Anyway so I looked around my room to see if I had any left over from any of my previous packets but I couldn't find any.
Then I remembered I had some hair glue and I thought well eyelashes are made from hair so why not use this glue. Besides it hold my hair extensions pretty well so why not my eyelashes lol.

                                                                                     The glue i used 

Anyway so here was the results
My non- existing eyelashes lol

Victorious Eyelashes
So after glueing my eyes shut a couple of time's and having to wipe away my teary eye's these were my results.
I usually spread it further along my eyes but i was scared of the hair glue lol
I love the thickness though :) and theres still a few lashes left.

Kiwi ..x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Violette Lip gloss from L'Occitane

Hey guy,

Anyone who reads Glamour Magazine would know that in this January Issue they were giving away a vouchers for free lib balm or lip gloss from L'Occitane.
I never even heard of this shop so wasn't planning on getting this offer. Then i spotted it while I was in Stratford Westfield. All I had to do was fill out the little voucher and i got a cute lipbalm :) great Right.

So Originally there was three to choose from But as I got there so late there was only this Violette Lip gloss left. But I can't complain, a freebie's a freebie lol.

It comes in this cute little tin, with little cupcakes on. And it smells absolutely delicious :).

Its really creamy, very smooth to apply and it leaves your lips felling very smooth, and they look gorgeous very glossy.

The colours not very strong, I don't think as it only seemed to tint my lips rather then colour it. But i guess thats what u would except from a lipgloss.

So here it is on my lips. 

The shop was quite pricey, so I dnt think i'll be buying anything from them lol. My student budget cant handle it lol. But the atmosphere and the costumer service was amazing it was like walking into a spa. It was a really nice shop.

Have any of you tried anything from this shop before
Kiwi ..x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Nails

Hey everyone
Just thought I'd show you all my new nails, Wanted something plain and simple
Please excuse the blurry picture
I think there a bit to plain lol. Defiantly not something I'd usually go for
Again i got them done at the nail shop so I'm not to sure what the name of the colour or nail varnish is.
Kiwi ..x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

'I ♥ your blog' Award

Hey guy,
I got my first blogger award today :)
I was kindly awarded this ' your blog' award by hollysagemini. She has a great blog about nails, With reviews on nail varnishes, nail arts and some great tutorials. I recommend everyone to check her out if you haven't already :)

As these awards and are really just a bit of fun here are the rules. 
1.. Add the logo of your award to your blog
2.. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3.. Nominate at least 7 Other blogs
4.. Add links to those blogs on your blog
5.. Leave a message for you nominees on their blog 
6.. Answer the questions if you like 

I would like to pass this on to:
1.. Be Broke, Be Stylish, Be Slightly boho: Her blogs are full of such interesting reads
2.. Pretty Pisces: I love her reviews
3.. Classic.Raw.Beauty: I love her style, 
4.. Fatshion Insider: She has a great style & I lve her hair
5.. Daily Makeup Booth: She has the best FOTD post's ever 
6.. Style Me Ricci: Her blog is great, very versatile and interesting posts
7.. LA Bella Vita: This is the cutest blog ever 
8.. Kelly Monroe: She would be my ideal shopping buddy, she always has good finds
9.. Your Dream Stylist: She really is my dream stylist, Love her posts
10.. Candize B: I love her blog & youtube channel 

What is your favourite fashion magazine?
Cosmopolitan, Its such a great read, And its aimed at the average women. Plus it has the best freebies :) 

What is your favourite singer/band?
I would have to say Beyonce her voice is Amazing. I also love Rihanna her style is amazing. And Nicky Minaj dont like all her songs but as a person she seems fun 

Who is your favourite youtube guru?
Hmmm. I have 3 that I love to watch AndreasChoice, Dope2111 And Nikkimae2003

What is your favourite Makeup product?
At the moment I would have to say SuperSize Fat lash Mascara by Collection 2000. Its so effective and inexpensive :)

Where would you like to live?
Anywhere aslong as I'm with my friends and family 

What is your favourite film?
Bring It On, There moves are amazing. As a cheerleader, its my inspiration.  

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
so I just went and counted and I have 29 pairs. 
5 trainers, 9 heels, 3 boots, 8 flats & 5 sandles

What is your favourite colour?
Green & Purple

Wow this was along post. lol. Quite fun doe :).
I Hope everyone is enjoying there week. Take care 

HandBang Essential's Winner

Hey everyone
So the handbag essentials competition is now closed. And we now have one lucky winner :)
List of Participants 

Randomly selecting the winner 
I used to randomly pick the name
 So I can now reveal that the lucky winner of my 37 followers thankyou gift.
 is *DrumRoll please*

Congratulations Emma, Hope you enjoy your gift. thanks for being a follower :)

I would like to thank everyone who participated, and all my followers old & new.
Kiwi ..x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cocoa Butter

 My favourite moisturiser at the moment :)

I used to use the cream version of this but it was sold out so I brought the butter instead and now I love it.  

It leaves your skin looking and feeling gorgeous, and smells fab.
I fully Recommend it to all, its quite a big tub and only £3.99

Has anyone else tried it before 

Kiwi ..x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

HandBang Essential's/37 Followers, Thank you gift ((GiveAway CLOSED))

Hey guy.

I was looking through my Junk yard of my bag yesterday and released I did not need half the stuff that was in there. So I cleared it out and only put back what I considered to be Essentials. I then thought to myself I wonder if anyone else has the same situation so it gave me a good idea for this post. And thought it would be great as my 37 followers give away :).

This is what my Hand bag Essentials looked like 
After I got rid of all the crap (including Pritt Stick glue) out of my bag, The picture above Shows everything I thought was a handbag essential.

1st of all my phone and keys
Theses are the two most important things in my bag.

I'd feel so lost if I didn't have my phone, always the first thing i check before leaving the house

And the amount of times I've been locked out my house because I've left my keys are countless. I've defiantly learnt my lesson, I now have a pair in every bag I own lol.

However I'm only a student, can't afford to give away a phone, and I don't think anyone would want a random pair of keys lol.

So here's what a lucky winner will be getting.

1) A cute little purse for all your Moneys, Bank Cards, Travel cards, Student Discount card :) etc

2) A Cute Black and white make Up bag, full of a few little goddies
A make up 

Some Make Up Bag essentials 
Obviously we cant walk around with our whole makeup bag so here is what I thought was a handbag essential, incase u needed to touch up.

Vaseline or chap stick
Keep the lips moisturised
Lip Gloss

Your favourite Nail varnish
Incase it chips :(
Hand Cream, Especially in the winter 

3) And some  'just in case' bits and bobs that are not very necessary but almost always come in handy. Besides its always good to be prepared because you never know whats going to happen.

Deodorant or Body Spray
Even if you don't have a cold
Diary/ Planner

Because we have to check what we look like
Just incase 

Just incase our hair messes up 

4) Last of all your going to need a cute bag to put it all in.

So if you would like a chance at being the winner of my HandBag essential 37 followers Giveaway.
1...You must be a Public follow (Old or New)
2...You must leave a comment saying 'I would like to participate in the giveaway'
3...You must also name one thing that you think is an absolute handbag must have.
4...Each person gets one entry but if you blog about my giveaway you get an extra 2more Entry's. (Please leave link in comment if you do this)

Winner will be picked at random, on 25 january. And I am willing to ship internationally as I want all my lovely followers to be in With a chance :)

Good Luck everyone.
Kiwi ..x

Friday, 13 January 2012


Hey Guys
 Guest what, I have 37 followers :D

I know it seems like a weird number. Not the usual 25/50/100 that everyone else seems to celebrate. But the reason I'm so happy is because 37 is my favourite number.
My birthday is on the 28th of september & 28+9=37.
And on that reason alone ever since I can remember 37 has been my favourite number and has proven very lucky at times :)

So I'd just like to thank all my followers for getting me up to the 37 mark. I am truly grateful

Kiwi ..x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Bag

Hey so I got a new bag today.
and it was only £3 (Happy Dance) I think it went down from £7 lol It was still cheap anyway. 
Brown 'kinda doctor' style bag

Its a lot smaller the bags I usually buy but I love it none the less. It still fits my Essentials.

Kiwi ..x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Nails

Really blurry pic :( Sorry. Toke it with my phone on a moving train. 
Just got my Nails done
I'm not to sure what I think of them yet but I Love the colour, What do you think?
Kiwi ..x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Hey guys, 
Just thought I'd let you know that Stylist Pick is having a 50% off sale
Check out the links below


Happy Shopping 
Kiwi ..x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Lil Mermaid Tutorial

Hey Guys,
Just a very quick post, different to my usual ones. Just felt it was something I had to share.
Little Mermaid
As I am currently in my final year of my Media course in university. I have to start working for my major project. I have Chosen to do a Disney themed photography project as I love the Magical look and feel of Walt Disney :)

Anyway I decided to do a little back ground research which resulted in me having a look around youtube to find some Disney themed  hair and make up ideas. I found so many but there was one I loved in particular

This video right here, I thought it was so cute.  I Had to share it. So here you go.
Originally posted by Dope2111

This girl is so talented with makeup. You should check her other video's HERE. she can literally transform into anybody. From Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj to Britney Spares and Johnny Deep. Yes Even guys :O.

Have a look guys

Kiwi ..x
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