Friday, 28 February 2014

Fur Nail Varnish

Hey guys,
Here's a review on this fur nail varnish by Pretty.

I came across this fur nail varnish whilst in the pharmacy the other day and thought it was worth trying out, Plus it was only £1 lol. I had been considering trying out the Fur-Effect Nails for a while now but couldnt find them anywhere so I thought this would be a close alternative.

So above are the pictures of the final outcome of the varnish.
I was actually surprised at how smooth the finish was, I thought It would feel a bit like glitter varnish but it doesn't at all, which I think is a big pro. I stopped at 2 coats, as I still wanted the blue to be seen, but I feel as though 1 or 2 more layers would give you a great full coverage fur look. 

Has anyone else tried anything similar?



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