Monday, 19 December 2011

Dainty Roses

So my package came Today :) I got some really cute things.

I found this website, whilst on emsmixedbag blog here. I really liked what she had got in her christmas goody bag offer so I decided to give it ago as well.

This is what I got.

Such personal packaging, I love the thought
gone into this. So cute

Cherry Earrings 


Neclace's. I LOVE the owl one so much
The elephants cute too :) 


Rings, so unique and different. 
I really like everything I got, especially since it was all a surprise. But going through the Dainty Roses website anyway, I didn't think there was anything i didn't like everything is so cute :). This goody bag was only £11 and i think it is sooo worth it.

Only 6 days to christmas everyone, Take care
Kiwi ..x


  1. Oooooo!! I love those cherry earrings!! The packaging is sweet isn't it, very personal!



  2. Yh I love all the piece I got
    And I really like how personal it is, its seems so special :)
    Kiwi ..x


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