Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lip Rock lip Gloss

Hey guys,
Don't you just love Free stuff. I Love Freebies :)

I got this free 'Lip Rock Lip Gloss' in my cosmopolitan this month and thought i'd try it out today.

This is it with one layer. 
As you can see its very glossy. I think this is a really nice colour
Lip Rock

This is with a second coating.
This is a lot more vibrant with 2 colours and I think it almost looks like a lipstick.
Lip Rock

*Its quit sticky, but after a while that wears off.
*I really like the colour though, bright but subtle
*I think It smells quit nice, its quite sweet and yummy.
*Its also seem very durable
so overall I give it a thumbs up (y) as its has a nice glossy everyday look

Just a quick post as I'm on my way out
Take care
Kiwi ..x

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