Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Gifts & Family Traditions

So theres only 13days left until Christmas :) I'm really excited I love christmas

I love buying people presents, especially when I get to see them open it up. I think i'm good at knowing what people want but when it comes to me, I haven't got a clue. My mum just asked me what I wanted and I'm still in deep thought because I really don't know what I want, usually she just surprises me and she always get's it right. But know she's asking me :( it's to much pressure.
Help guys

Last year my Mum & Dad got me a lovely hemes Clutch bag. In Baby Blue :) one of my favourite colours.

I think it was actually my favourite pressie last year, I use it so much, its basically become my go to bag when i'm stuck for decision.
My parents know me so well. I Don't know why they want me to think this year. (There so mean :'( lol)
Click Here to see the hermes website.

My Family Tradition
But the best part of christmas is that I get to see nearly all my relatives, in my family we have a tradition were everyone goes to my great Gran's house, she lives next to her sister so they have a really big garden combined in which we set up a marquee. And i come from a really big family, my Greatgran had 5 children and my Gran had 8. so you can Imagine what its like.
Get to see all my aunts, uncle's, cousins, Second cousins, cousin's once/twice removed, Great aunties & uncles, in laws and some people i just call relatives coz I don't know the technical terms lol. The list really could go on, it's always a fun time get to catch up on everything and find out whats new with everyone, and meet new relatives.  It's such a fun tradition, I love it :) cant wait thats only 12days away (happy dance). Lucky we don't give out present's to everyone lol

What's your favourite part about christmas?
Kiwi ..x


  1. love that clutch my friend has the same one in a different colour :)

    and yeah ebay is really confusing me, I gave up!

  2. Nice bag!

  3. WOW... that's a really nice clutch!!
    I know its really hard to decide what you want especially when put on the spot... I just usually ask for money... =)
    Good luck with deciding..

    Practically Coffee


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