Monday, 5 December 2011


My Bigest style crush will have to be Rihanna. 
Her Hair, Hair Clothes, Her Makeup. I love It!!!!!!!!!!!! My style inspiration.

She's so versatile, looks good in anything and is differently not scared to try new things.

Tailored- Girl Meet Guy
Edgy Chic

Pretty, I love this hair style

 She is absolutely amazing, I love her style. If i could choose to have any celebrity wardrobe it would most defiantly be Rihanna. I'd have so many looks to choose from. It would totally be a 'kid in a sweet store' moment. It would be good if the wardobe came with her hair stylist aswell :O, that would be AMAZING. Oh My Gosh no word would be able to express the excitement i would fell lol.

I think I'm actually in love with her style lol, Its kinda embarrassing. I think i should stop talking about it now. And anyway you guys are probably getting bored of me going on about it lol. so yh.

Just though I'd share my ultimate celebrity style crush with you guys :D

Hope everyone has a good week
Kiwi ..x


  1. sickessssttttt style game....she is alllllways on TEN

  2. Absolutely love Rihanna's style so edgy but in an effortless way. My style crush has to be Solange though especially in recent months.

  3. Yay... fellow Rihanna Style lovers :)
    Yh i'm so loving solange's look aswell, she always looks fab

    Kiwi ..x


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