Thursday, 8 December 2011


I love these girls, there voice's and fashion sense is Amazing. Just came across them today.
I think I just sat here and watched every video, vlog, interview they've ever had lol.
They describe there style as "crazy, colourful, ghettro", I love it, so unique.
StooShe | The StooshTape
Listen to there mix tape ↑, 
Also check out there youtube StoosheTV there music's really good.
I love there fashion more though lol

Very Preppie 
So cute
Love theses nails 
Onesie :)
Love this Basque

These are a few of my favourites one's from there site.
There is a lot more at
There so edgy and unique. I love it. A bit to colourful for my own taste doe lol.

 Kiwi ..x

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