Tuesday, 6 December 2011

E.L.F - Cover stick & Powder

Hey guy's 
So I thought I'd try out my Elf Cover stick and powder today. Here's the results and what I thought of it. 

Twist up
The All Cover Stick
All over Cover Stick
Butter like look

This All over stick cover is something I hadn't used before. Never seen nothing quit like it but as it was cheap I thought I'd give it a try. I thought it was just for blemishes but the packaging says it can be used all over the face but i find the buttery texture a bit of weird to go around my face with so I decided to just test it on my hand instead lol.  

Here the results.
This obviously ain't the right colour for my complexion (but that what you get when buying things online).

It goes on very smoothly, and even doe it has a powdered finishing look, it has a nice and smooth finishing touch. Its easy to smudge and doesn't feel heavy at all. I think it will work well being used on blemishes and under the eye area doe, if you just wanted to put a light layer of foundation on top.

Clarifying Pressed Powder
Comes with a cute Powder Puff :)

Pressed Powder
I love the cute little 'powder puff' you get with it, i usually just apply powder or bronzer with a brush so thought this looked so cute as i haven't seen one in age's. They're kinda out dated right? Anyway i applied this over the cover stick and i really liked this product. 

I think this had a great finish, it's easy to use. And has a great result. will most probably be buying again. The little 'powder puff' also allows easy application and reduces a lot of waste as I usually blow excess powder of the brush, but with this it isn't needed.

Let me know what you think, 
Kiwi ..x

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