Friday, 23 December 2011

My Winter WonderLand inspired nails :)

This is the nail varnish I am currently rocking, a design I created  to match this christmas season. 
I have seen many example and got inspired so I thought I'd have ago. 
Winter wonderland inspired nail art

I really like the overall look, but i think the wrapping paper technic would have worked better with a light colour base. Check out My main Inspiration here

 To create this look you will need:
* Nail Varnish of your choice
I'm using Glam nail varnish in Taupe & Bronze glitter.
* Preferably Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka
*Christmas wrapping Paper
*cotton buds
*Nail varnish Remover just in case

How to do it
1) After I applied My base coat, I then painted my nail using a Taupe colour by Glam Nail lVarnish.
2) I then painted the tips off all my nails except the pointy finger using the sparkle bronze colour, Also by glam. i did a few layers as it was quit opaque.
3) I then cut out the piece off snow many I wanted to print onto my nail.
4) I then used the cotton bud to cover my pointy finger with the vodka, and then carefully laid the picture over my nail, and applied more vodka (with the cotton bud) over the top.
5)I smoothed it over for about 30-50 seconds
6)Then the image was transferred. I then went over it with a glittery top coat.
7)Then went over all my nails with a clear topcoat.

Glam Nail varnish

It was quite time consuming, but I love the results :D

Why not give it ago, It might be a good way to entertain any little cousin's or sisters you might be around on christmas day.

Its only 2 Days away :), Im very excited. Gonna be with my family tomorrow :).

Take care, I hope everyone is enjoying there holidays
Kiwi ..x


  1. I love the glitter on the tips of the nails. I'm going to try that for New Year's!!!

  2. love the nail look!

  3. I have glitter nails now! This is sooo creative!

    E. Louise


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