Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fearne Cotton Nail Varnish

So this is my first proper post Yay!!!

And i've decide to talk about the new nail varnish set i got as a gift for my birthday not to long ago. It's from Fearne Cotten's collection, and its called Fearns Perfect Polish. 

I really like this Nail Varnish set and would recommend it to everyone. 

The Colours are so beautiful they seem to have a warming  wintery and calming tone and seem to go with everything i wear. I was actually quite surprised in how much I liked it, as I usually tend to go for the more dramatic bold and vibrant colours. But these have proven to be a great gift. 

I also love the Box and design of the bottle. It looks sophisticated and both pretty and elegant. I don't know why but I like looking at packaging of items, I guess its just a weird habit of mine.
These are all the colours and a little sample 
Another great fact about these, is that they only need 1 coat of paint to get a good effect. unlike other Nail Polishes with one brush you get an even and bold colour from all the colours. Except the pink colour (4) as it comes out quite clear. then again you might like that look.
My personal Favourites 
It's also quite a good price at £12 from boots. 
Its quite a bargain considering you get 6 colours thats only £2 each. which is very cheap compared to other brand I have tried. 

Cheap, Great Colours, Only need one coat, and its cute. I recommend it to everyone. 

Take Care 
Kiwi ..x


  1. It realy is, I love it
    Kiwi ..x

  2. and my nail jealously begins. sigh* grow nails grow lols! but i adore shade 5 as well.

  3. lol, those are not my natural nails. Their acrylic i just paint over them when the paint starts chipping or they start growing out.


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