Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Love for leggings

Hey Guys
Guess what came in the post this morning :)
I got them both from Ebay, I was really shocked when i saw these packages this morning as They both said allow 2-3 days shipping but i got them both next day :) 
I also ordered a shirt but that hasn't come yet. But it will probably come this week

So heres the info if you want to buy them
Leopard Panel leggings -> Seller - £4.99 (£1.99 p+p) 
Union Jack -> Seller - £9.00 (£0.99 p+p)

I love the union Jack ones, They're so funky. But i think i prefer the pattern at the back more than the front. 
The Leopard panel ones are really soft, very comfy. They look so Hot!! on. Might wear them on a night out. 

What do you think?
Kiwi ..x


  1. Those are hot! I click on the link for the union jack leggings, and it seems that you have it on the wrong way. The back pattern is suppose to be worn in the front. Unless that is how you prefer to wear it ;-)

    1. lol, I know that exactly what i thought. But the tag was defiantly in the right place.
      Maybe they just made mine backwards :'(. I love them anyway ..x

  2. I love the union jack ones!!! I want a pair!! You got a pretty good deal on them too!

  3. You looked really good in those leggings:-)


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