Monday, 28 November 2011

Black & Pink

Hey guy's.
My friend just recently told me about a site, which is a really fun site which allows you to be creative make your own outfits, interior designs, Art work etc.

I created this piece, based mostly on my fashion and what i like. This was sort of a Smart casual punky look.

Black & Pink

 Click image :) 

I think it was really fun, It's probably going to be my new favourite site lol. I think everyone should have a go. It also lets you know where you can get the items from, Which is an added bonus :)

I hope every one has a great week
Kiwi ..x


  1. Hey thanks for the comment! Nice collage.. take care x

  2. I tried this site out some time ago, and it can be very addictive Lol I love your out fit..Id definitely wear it (long as its in Plus size! haha)

  3. lol, yh it really is addictive


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