Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Nail Show

Hey guys

So Last month on Saturday 18th August I went to ThenailShow in Shoreditch, which was their first event. I had previously applied and was given free tickets when I had gone to the Hair & Beauty Show earlier this year.
              So at this show they had a few different events on their was many stalls. Some had tutorials on nail designing, They showed us how to do acrylic nail, gel, hand nail designs, 3D designs and many more.Their was also a natural products stand, with hand and body creams. You colud get manicures and hand designs really cheap and many other different stalls, including a Cupcake stand. (Hhmmmmmm)

So while I was there I went to one of the nail designing work shops. You could pick what designs you wanted to practice, I choose to do flowers. So here's one of the attempts I did, with the help by @elize_nails
There was also a polish swap bar, were you would go and you could basically swap any nail polishes you had with others at the swap bar. I had a double of the glitter 1 so I didn't mind, and I hardly used the shade of pink so this was my swap
And a raffle, every hour. Which i actually won. :) I was given £35 voucher to spend at a hair salon in Wembley. Which I'm really pleased about. 

Some other designs at the show

Here is a short clip of some of the show. I didnt get much footage but it has some more designs from the show and me getting my Tribal nail designed by @EditStaceynow, You can see more of her designs here.



  1. Those are some really cool designs.I really like the ones on the last pic very cute.
    I hope you had a great day at the show & congrats on winning the raffle
    CandyRain xX

  2. The designs on those nails are so awesome! Love the advances in nail art!


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