Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pinch Punch first of the month


Sorry for my long absent, I've been really busy working at the olympics for the last month and a half. I hope everyone has had a great summer and has been enjoying the games.

It was a truly great experience.
So while we was there we also got to meet broadcasters from other countries. As they all had pins to trade and give out it became a little competition to collect as much as possible lol. Here are most of mine, some are really cute.
I meet some amazing people, learnt a lot about how a big media production works, got a great paycheck :) and best of all got to be apart of a once in a lifetime experience. It is something I will never forget.

But I will now be back to blogging, I have missed it dearly. Thanks for sticking by :) I have some great posts lined up. Including my day at TheNailShow.



  1. welcome back!

    the olympics and paralympics have truly been amazing! unfortunately i dodn't get tickets for events, but seeing the athletes at westfield have been really cool!

    1. I loved that they were just walking through westfields :)
      I wished you did get to go to some events all the venues are beautiful and live event have such a great atmosphere


    2. looks like a great experience. I hope you had a good time.


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