Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Accessories Favourites

Hey guys, 
So me and my friend were just talking about the importance of accessories, which everyone is probably aware of as they can defiantly make an outfit, Like a great bag or a Killer pair of heels. As we were on the subject she was saying that you could never have enough jewellery on but I have realised that I usually follow the 3's a charm + Plus a pair or earrings rule, to avoid over accessorising with my jewellery. 

So below I wanted to share my favourite jewellery combination at the moment.
Oldies meet newbies, Jewellery combination 
My Silver round coloured Necklace, Teamed with a silver double knuckle ring and my Double fingered Jaguar ring.

What do you guys think of the combo?
And what are your thoughts on how much Jewellery is to much?


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