Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Company - Freebies

Hey Doll's
So I Don't normally buy Company Magazine, But this morning I was on my way to uni and as London Underground Likes to mess up >:( I was stuck at a platform for ages and decided to buy this magazine to entertain me. (didn't want to re buy Cosmopolitan)
This Magazines was quite good though, It has some great articles. (y) There was even a few article on bloggers ->

So this issue also came with two freebies. A Duo eyeliner, and some Mentos Chewing Gum.

The eyeliner duo has one liquid side and one pencil side.

<- Heres a swatch of the eyeliner.

I really liked the liquid side it applied easily like any other liquid eyeliner. and it was very dark in colour.

The pencil however wasn't as rich in colour, however did apply easily.

But I can't complain it was free right lol. It cheered up the fact that I was sitting in a station for 20mins. Plus the Mentos Chewing gum was Yummy :).

Kiwi ..x

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  1. Magazines are fun and that's cool that it comes with stuff! Thanks for your comment :)


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