Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Hey everyone,
I hope your all having a great Easter Weekend. SorryI havent posted in a while, Been super Busy.

I just competed in BCA Cheerleading competition over the weekend.
We place 4th in university Nationals on Friday and then we got 1st place in Midlands Classic on Saturday :).
And all though we didn't place in our last competition on Saturday we still had a fantastic time. *\0/*

Anyways just to let you know I'm going on Tour to Spain Lloretfest with fellow sports teams in my uni tomorrow for a week. Which is like a big party week were loads of sports teams from all different uni's meet up.
I'm really excited.

So I won't be blogging for a whole week again :(.

I actually need to go pack my suitcase right now, Im always so last minute x_x

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Speak to you soon
Kiwi ..x


  1. Wow how exciting both the comp and the trip, have an awesome time & congrats :)

  2. Congrats to you and your teammates on winning both 4th and 1st place. A week in Spain? How exciting, have a safe trip.

  3. Hey! What team do you cheer for? I used to cheer for YSJ Kats a couple of years ago! Congrats on the trophies!! Just shows how much you can improve in a day from University to Midlands!! What level do you compete at? (a million questions)

    Also, how was LLorettfest?? We always did SalouFest so wondering if I made the right choice (I was the social sec!!)

  4. Hey,
    Thanks, yh we tried Really hard the next day lol. I cheer at my Uni, were Westminster Dragons. We compete at level 1&2 depending on if its a group stunt routine or the whole team.
    I've been to both salou and Llorest. Llorest was good had a great time, but I kind of think salou was better.


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