Thursday, 7 February 2013

My new Brushes have arrived :)

Hey guys,

So I wanted to get some new brushes, Usually I buy mine of of E.L.F or buy them in super drugs, but i decided I wanted a set so they all matched. I first looked on MAC as they're brushes are greatly recommend although they weren't to expensive individually buying quite a few would be, and I was looking to buy a whole set. Then my friend told me that ebay had some good quality dupes thats when I came across these bad boys :)

Quick Review
  • All the brushes are soft to touch, feel great on my skin. Which would suggest good blending once I use them. 
  • There is a great variation of brushes. 
  • Love the sleek black colour 
  • A few stray hairs on the bigger brushes (as expected) but I can easily fix that up
  • Great price £12.78 including postage and it came the next day :) 
This is how the case looks when it is folded up
 Link to the seller

Roll up carrying case / Powder Brush / 2x Foundation Brushes / 4x Lip Brushes / 4x Blush Brushes / 3x Eyebrow Brushes / 12x Eyeshadow Brushes / 2x Eyeliner Brushes / 3x Eye Smudge Brushes

Has anyone else brought brushes off ebay? 


  1. Have u used them already? Am curious as I've never ordered makeup brushes from Ebay. Hope they hold up well:)

    1. they are actually quite good, Very happy with my purchase :) ..x

  2. Need to get these then :), thanks for following my blog, yours looks great! xox


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