Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Afro Hair & Beaty Live 2012

Hey guys
So its been a great 4day weekend I've been having due to the queen's Jubilee, went to alot of street parties which gave me a reason to wear my Union Jack leggings :). I also went to the Afro Hair And beauty Live show, during this bank holiday. This was really good fun. I Learnt a few tricks, got some tips and a bag load of freebies :).

While I was there I got a free facial and a makeover by Mary Kay.

There facial was amazing. It Left my skin feeling very smooth and gave it a flawless look. They sort of teach you rather than just give you a facial which I thought was very helpful as it allows you to get the same results at home.
     They then did a foundation match and gave us a free makeover.
I really liked their products and wanted to buy everything, but as I'm not super rich :(, I brought there Foundation as it was the best match I've ever had.
      This is worth £16 but i got it for £14.40 as they was doing a 10% discount on that day.
       They have great products, i really recommend them, You can get more info on their products here

The olive oil stand was also doing a great offer, I got all these goodies worth over £25 for only £5. As I love a bargain I couldn't resiet :). As I don't use Gel or a relaxer, My mum gets a treat lol. But i'll be defiantly putting the rest to good use.
some free hair samples
I got during the day
Here is some highlights from the event, Including an amazing hair fashion show and some hair tutorials.
Take care


  1. i went to afro hair & beauty live as well! it was great fun, especially as i hadn't been for quite a few years...

    the shows were amazing and i loved the freebies! i also did a post about the event on my blog x

  2. 4week holiday? Wow! That show looked like tons of fun! I love hair and beauty shows.

  3. lol, I ment 4days. Yh it was a great show ..x


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