Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Book in the post :)

Hey guys's

So recently while reading blogs, I came across a really cool site were you can get products for very cheap, or free but you have to pay for Post and Packaging. Sadly I can't remember who the blogger was to credit them:(. But anyways you can check it out here at

Now this site has everything from beauty products, book's, dvd's, house hold items etc. I had heard good reviews from the author Jane Fallon, so I thought I'd get a book. Plus It was free so all I had to pay was £2.70
Ok so, i cant really give a review on the book as i only got it today and so far I've only read the back lol, but it seems like a good read :). Has anyone read any of her books before?

 I look forward to reading it. And now that its getting warmer again in England, I'll hopefully be able to  read it in my garden out in the sun.

Or has anyone tried this website?
If not i recommend it :), I mean who doesn't like a bargain? lol



  1. ooooo you may have started something bad here! free stuff and only pay p&p? tempting!

    i'm gonna check the website; thanks for the heads up x

    1. lol, I'm glad to help :) ..x

  2. Ooh this website sounds good, will have to check it out!

    I've read Getting Rid Of Matthew by Jane Fallon, I liked it :) x


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