Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Nail Varnish

I'm going to a circuses themed costume party next week Wednesday. At first i wanted to go as a clown but didn't see how that could be Sexy so I thought i'd go as a Ringmaster.  

My inspiration
Also its a great look to construct from my wardrobe as I've already got a leotard, Tights and boots i could wear so i only need a jacket.

I went Stratford Westfeild today to look for a tuxedo style tail coat, to complete the look. but unfortunately I could find one :(

I might just have to order it online hope it comes in time.
Any way while I was out I Got some new Nail varnish :)
I got these 'L.A Colour' Nail varnish from a shop called Beauty Base. And they were only £1 each :) what a Bargin. They have so many colours But here are the six I ended up getting.

They all look quite similar in the picture lol, But they are very different in life (Review coming soon)



  1. Love Nail Polish bargains, I'm staying tuned for the review :)


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