Monday, 1 October 2012

Pinch Punch First of the month - New Shoes

Hey guy's

So it was my birthday on Friday. I had an amazing time with my close friends and Family :).  But now I'm now 22, and now feel as though I'm now officially an adult lol (like the past 4 years didn't count) I feel so old :( lol.
          Anyways I decided to put most of the birthday money i got into finally taking driving lessons x_x and the rest in savings. And of course I had to go shopping with some as well. I brought far to much clothes to put in one post, maybe I'll do a few OOTD with them, But here are my new Babies.
burgundy suede heels - Peacocks 
Navy Blue suede heels - Peacocks 
Both from peacocks only £22 each, And they are both super comfy :)

I hope everyone has a great October, Check out my giveaway here

Take Care


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