Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Balmi Lip balm

As you may already know I got this Blackcurrent lip balm in my Latest in Beauty Box. And I am so Pleased I've used it everyday since I got it and i am in LOVE!!!!!!. 

It is such a great product. 
  •  It smells delicious
  •  very small and lightweight
  • cute packaging 
  • Its long lasting on your lips
  • but most important is that it is very Moisturising. 
I will defiantly be buying this when it finishes, and It is something I recommend it to you all :)

Has anyone else tried this lip balm?

Take Care
P.S: 11 mored day to the end of my giveaway 


  1. Nice blog! I'm your new Follower! I hope you can visit my blog sometimes.. Thank's! :) Kisses from VV!!

  2. I have not tried that balm but you sold me on it when you said it is 'long-lasting'. I will definitely try it!


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