Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Haul - 100th post

Hey guys

OMG this is my 100th post :)

Anyway so I'm going to the Hackney Weekend event on sunday 24th june and decided to go but a new outfit. Im hoping its going to be a sunny day (fingers crossed). So heres a haul of what I purchased.
Newlook - £14.99
Pink high waisted shorts
Newlook - £16.99
Cropped shirt
Newlook - £14.99
So heres my outfit, i've decided to get shorts. I love high waisted shorts, and I think they will look great on the day if its sunny I think the colours georgous. In the store there was so many colours to choose from. I also got to crop tops to pair with it, still a bit indecisive. Suggestions welcome :)
Black Slipon suedette loathers - Newlook - £15.99
Lace slip on loathers - Newlook - £17.99
I couldn't decided which one I like best so I brought both :) lol. I need a new pair of plain black pumps anyway.  These shoes are super comfy on, I love the style. I think either of them will look great with either top.
Bow drop earring
F21 - £3.90
Metal feather earrings
F21 - £4.00
Jaguar Ring
f21 - £4.00 
I love forever 21's jewellery they have such great pieces for such good prices.
I'm loving knuckle rings at the moment so this lil pet was a must have :), a great statement piece.
And I thought these drop earrings were gorgeous, aint the bows super cute.

Is anyone else going to the Hackney weekend?
I hope it is a nice day.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, If you haven't already, check out my give away here closes 17th June
Take Care


  1. Oh my gosh that jewelry is so beaut! Have a wicked time at the Hackney weekender!

  2. 1. congrats on your 100th post

    2. I'm going to hackney weekender too!!!!! and on sunday!!!!! i can't wait for it; i hope the weather isn't crap too

    me and my sis are still deciding what to wear......


    1. Im so excited, It should be really fun. Me and my friend always plan over early x_X lol

  3. Replies
    1. I'me in love with the colour, Thanks hun..x


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