Monday, 21 November 2011

Shopping :)

So here's a few of my favourite bits that i brought on my Saturday shop yesterday. There was alot more but its more or less the same thing in a different colour lol. I don't have much of a variety in my Clothes picking :(.

My new jumpers
H'n'M £7.99

H'n'M £9.99
I have a thing for cropped jumpers at the moment.
I love how they make a boring outfit look more funky. They also remind me of a Fame/dancer look lol. Not that I'm inspired by that look, but I'm loving the cropped jumpers that our out at the moment.

Primark £10

forever 21 £10

Was £20, i haggled down to £8 :D. Camden Market

My New winter coat
 I love it. Its so soft and warm :)
Newlook £24.99

High waisted Tube skirt
£10 Punky Fish 

Tube skirt
£3.99 H'n'M
Clutch Bag, Primark

Some Belts

Mickey Bag, love this.
£20 Camden Market

Some Jewellery 

£20 Punky Fish

Snood :)
£5 Primark

Considering it was a saturday, i think i still managed to get quit a few things. So I'm pleased with my patients lol
Kiwi ..x


  1. I love those sweaters and I like those platforms! I've been looking for some. Thanks for coming by!

    xo sherri



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