Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Get the look: Lily Collins

Another celebrity styles i admire would have to be Lily Collins.
She certainly knows here fashion as she's written columns in magazines such as Elle Girl, Seventeen and Teen Vogue.

She's very talented, and well known, English born, American actress and television presenter.
And certainly has an eye for fashion, and knows what suits her lifestyle and personality. I love her style as it is something i can relate to. Very casual, feminine, fun and flirty.
Lily Colllins
1. Harem Trousers: Bang On the trend, £7.99
2. Tube tops: Surfdome £9.99
3. Necklace: Asos £9.50
4. Bangle: Asos £4s.00
5. Bag: H&M £38.00
6. Shrug: Newlook  £14.99
7. Sandals: Newlook £12.99


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