Friday, 3 January 2014

Britney Spear's Believe - Review

Hey dolls

So in this post I'll be reviewing the Britney Spears Believe eau de perfume that I recently purchased.
So, I was in beauty base today, going to top up on some new nail varnishes and get a new bottle of my favourite Rihanna Reb'l Fluer perfume. So while I was in there I saw this britney spears Believe perfume, It had a weird but gorgeous bottle which drew me to it, I always have a love for bottles and packaging. So I had to smell it and I instantly feel in love. It has an absolutely gorgeous smell, its a very sweet, kind of fruity smell, Its quite hard to explain but it is very feminine with a hint of sophistication. The smell also seems to be long lasting so far since i sprayed on the sample which is a mega plus in my books. 
So I ended up getting the 1oz/30ml bottle, as Its cute and travel sized. And Its in My favourite colours Purple & Green :). I was also extra happy as It was on sale for £9.99, from £20 :D yay!!
You can get a better look at the bottle here
I also love the slogan: The Greatest Freedom is to believe in yourself.  

Take Care 


  1. Great review, The bottle is very pretty, It sounds great.
    I haven't tried this one before but I love her 'Fantasy' Fragrance.

  2. the bottle looks amazing :) glad you found it with that price
    Style Of OzOz
    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

  3. I've heard great reviews about her perfumes. My sis loves her first one. Will try to see if I can find it here it on our local drugstore.
    And Happy New Year, Kiwi:)

  4. I love the smell of most of her perfume, this is one of my favourites

  5. I was hesitant to get this perfume (it was on sale in my local drugstore as well) but I'm glad I came across your review :-)


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