Monday, 30 December 2013

My 2013 Favourites

Hey Doll's,
Can You believe 2013 has gone by so quickly. I hope everyone had a great year. So as were going into 2014 I decided to do a 2013 Favourites post. So this was a very hard list to make as I didnt want to make the post to long so I separated it into categories, So here are my top 8 Favourites of 2013. 

1) My favourite shoes

This would easily have to be my Curved wedged heels.

They are super comfortable which allows me to wear them all day . They're are bold shaped and I love the colour which can help bring a little 'Flavour' and 'style' to an otherwise boring outfit.

You can check out previous post with my baba's here:  NewShoes & OOTD

2) My favourite Hair Product
this would have to be my John Frieda Frizz ease.

I Love, love, love this product it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It moisturise's, add's shine and lust, and most importantly leaves my hair felling soft and frizz free. Also it may seem like a small tub but believe me a little goes a very long way. Defiantly a 10/10 in my books.

You can check out my full review here: John Frieda FRIZZ-EASE

 3) My Favourite Accessory
would be my Black and white aztec hairband.

It can adds a bit of texture to any hairstyle (and camouflage a bad hair day x_x lol). Also as it is black and white it goes with most outfits and the aztec print can help bring an outfit together.

Previous post with my hairband can be seen here: WinterLook book & Braid hairstyles

4) My favourite Piece of Makeup
Without a doubt mascara wins.

I couldn't choose between these two piece but there both from Maybelleine so I can counted them as 1 cant I? lol. I love both of these as they help elongate and thicken my otherwise none existent eyelashes and there non-expensive which is a win win.  If I could only use one product Mascara would defiantly win, as I think It helps to widen the eyes and makes me look a lot more awake.

Full review here: Maybelline Review

5) My favourite none fashion/beauty related
Ok so my none beauty related thing would have to be my Mickey mouse head cushion.

I only got this recently as a gift on my birthday (28 Sept), and it made the list. Maybe I'm a bit bias as I love all things disney put this hands down is the cutest cushion I have ever seen. and its super soft and comfy to hug or lean on when watching a film.
6) My Favourite Nail Tool 
 So I could decide on a favourite nail varnish brand or shade so instead I have picked my nail Enamel dryer.

I love this product It helps my nails dry a lot quicker so I'm not having to sit around hopelessly waiting like I used to before I knew this existed. I've had this quite a long while now so it does last very long and it was very inexpensive at £1 a bottle.

First posted here: Olympia Beauty
7) My Favourite Perfume 
This would have to be my Rihanna Reb'l Fluer.

I love the smell it's has a gorgeous, sexy, and very feminine scent, which I always get complimented on when wearing it. It is also very light and not to overpowering. I also love the bottle design and it looks lovely on my dressing table. 

The bottle even inspired an NOTD, Check it out here: Reb'l Fluer NOTD
8) Overall Beauty Pruduct 
Pure Natural Shea Butter

This thing does wonders, I've been using it in my hair and skin for the past year now and I have to say it does wonders. I know have noticeable smother skin, and its much softer. It has also helped clear up scars and blemishes. It has also helped make my hair feel stronger, softer, moisturised and a lot more manageable which i feel has helped with the hair growth and length I have gotten this year. This is why I love this product, I can't imagine not using it anymore.

So those are a list of my 8 Favourites of 2013 Has anyone else tried any of these? 

Let me know so of your favourites in the comments below.I hope everyone had a great 2013 and managed to find new pieces and products that they love and can continue using them over the year to come :).

Take Care

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  1. I love that John Frieda Frizz Ease too. Such a great hair product.


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