Tuesday, 2 July 2013

John Frieda: Luxurious Volume - Review

Hey Dolls
Some of you might remember that I had previously reviewed John Frieda's FRIZZ-EASE range, which I absolutely loved, you can check out the post HERE. So I was really excited to try out another one of there collections. So this is the Luxurious Volume collection, which consists of the 'Touchably Full' Shampoo and conditioner, Blow dry Lotion and a Blow out spray. Which promises to give you great volume and "Luxurious Soft Hair"

Ok so I washed and blow dried my hair with these products this morning and so far I'm loving the results. Personally My hair isn't to fine anyway so I didn't really need 'Volumeising' but i still got great results.

The Shampoo: Again its not sulphate free :(, But it's a really great shampoo. It's very cleansing, lathers up and has a great slip. It also has a very pleasant and refreshing smell to it.
The Conditioner: This has a similar smell to the shampoo. Its very moisturising making it great for detangling. It left my hair with a very soft and silky feeling and helped make my curls pop :).
I wanted to stop there but then I wouldn't of been able to try out the blow drying lotions and sprays
Blow Dry Lotion: So I applied this to my lightly towel dried hair.
Very light weight, and a little goes a long way. And it also has a great smell. But I don't feel although it lifted my roots. But as I said before, I have thick hair anyway so I don't think anymore could be done lol.
Blow out spray: I then applied this before drying and again whilst almost dry.
It is a light weight spray, non drip which is a plus. It has a great fruit smell and This left my hair feeling very smooth and frizz free.

Overall I really liked the products, This range surprisingly turned out to be very moisturising, It had a great slip which enables easier detangling. The products also have a great smell and leave your hair with a gorgeous fruity scent. After using the products my hair feels very thick, full and soft with a great sheen. So Im very pleased :)

You can check out the products HERE

Take Care


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