Saturday, 6 July 2013

Rihanna - Scented Tattoo

Hey Dolls,

So recently I was working at a few of the Rihanna concerts, helping to promote her new Nude Perfume. I found a couple in my bag today so I thought i'd do a quick post to show you guys what they looked like. So heres a picture of them

As you can see they are not you everyday normal perfume samples, they also came with a tattoo displaying Rihanna's signature 'R'. Personally I thought this was a great idea, it added some fun to the usual scratch and sniff sample people usually give out. Although 1 or 2 people didn't realise it was a tattoo and they rubbed it all over there neck leaving a black smudge lol, most people realised straight away and really liked the idea. Some people wanted loads and put them on there checks, arms, bellies and legs lol.

The great bit about them is that they were easy to apply, You simply peeled of the back, Rubbed it on and your done. You get the cute 'R' tattoo and get the lovely Nude perfume scent. I'm Still in love with her Reb'l Fluer fragrance, but this also has an amazing smell, maybe a close second of my favourite perfumes lol. Its also easy to wash off, with just normal hand soap and water.


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