Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Eastenders: style wars

Hey Guy's

So I was on BBC Iplayer catching up on Eastenders today, since I'm never home to watch it on telly. But from watching this weeks episode I couldnt help realises that they seem to have the worst outfits ever. So I decided to have a nose around at what most of the girls wear outside of the show and they actually look quite nice. So thats gave me the idea for this 'Eastenders: Style wars' post lol. 
So the contestants are

 Jacqueline Jossa who plays Lauren Branning 
Shona McGarty who plays Whitney Dean
Hetti Baywater who plays Lucy Beale 
 Danielle Harold who plays Lola Pearce (mitchelle) 

Jacqueline Jose 1/2/3/4 / Shona McGarty 1/2/3/4 / Hetti Bywatter 1/2/3/4 / Danielle Harold 1/2/3/4

Its not really a great sense of their style as most of the pics are of them going to award shows but who do you think has the best style?


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