Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Wishlist - Competition With

Hey Dolls

As I had recently mentioned surfdome in one of my previous post, they was kind enough to email me about a competition they are currently holding. It a great competition that gives bloggers the chance to win a £250 gift voucher to buy your christmas wish list.

Its really simple all you have to do is go to there website, create your £250 wishlist and paste your blog post url on there site and then a lucky winner win's the great prize :) Anyone can enter, and there are more details here.

My Christmas Wish list

I found that as you get older your buy more for practicality rather than toys and gadgets I once used to want. I've been meaning to buy a new purse, and bag for a while now and since its getting really cold now Some boots are definitely on my list.

So heres my very practical yet still very stylish christmas wishlist :)
Pieces Neala Purse - Light Fuchsia. only £8 
Ted Baker Shyla Purse - Pale Pink . £64.99

Element May Day Bag - Estate Blue. £44.99
Gentle Fawn Bazaar Leggings - Charcoal/Scarlet. £22.99

White Leaf Antique Fox Ring - Bronze. £7.99

Its such a great website full of so many designers, products and they're all at such great prices. So if you would like to enter just check out the competition on there website here: Good Luck if you do enter, and feel free to leave a link to your post so i can have a peek at your wish list :)  



  1. Lovely pink purse :) Love it <3 xoxo

    GIVEAWAY on my blog:

  2. My Christmas list consist of one item, and I probably won't get it, lol!! But you are right we tend to not buy ourselves toys as we get older! I bought my fiance and I toy cars last christmas and we haven't even used them yet!!! lol...


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