Sunday, 4 May 2014

Henna Designs - First Attempt

Hey Dolls

I hope everyone is having a great may bank holiday weekend, The weather has sure been great in London so thats defiantly a plus.

I just wanted to show you's my first attempt at doing a henna design for my younger cousin. She is attending a culture celebratory party today where she will embracing indian culture during a catwalk, so she asked me to try and do a henna design on her. And this is my results.

So originally we wanted to get the black henna as we thought it would stand out better, but the shop keeper ensured us that people had less reactions to the brown henna, and it was safer since it was her first time having it, he also said that the brown was more traditionally worn in the indian culture. The henna is still wet in the pictures but the final results on both her arms and foot came out just slightly lighter. So we were quite happy with the results. And I was very pleased with my first attempt at designing and my cousin seems to really like it

What do you think? 
Have you ever tried doing a henna tattoo before, or had one done?


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