Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sleek True colour Lipstick in Cherry (Review)

Hey Guys
So yesterday I brought a new lipstick. I was looking for something to wear to a christmas party I have coming up and wanted to sort out my look from now.
So as it is the festive season and warm colours are on trend, I wanted a warm colour that would go with my black & gold embellished dress. So as i was looking for a plum-red shade i was very pleased when I came across this Cherry 790 lipstick by Sleek in superdrugs. I love the colour and think it matched what i had in mind. And as its by sleek, its only £4.99 :)
My Review - Sleek True colour Cherry 790 (Sheen) 
So here's what I thought about it after wearing it all day today
  • Long lasting colour, didn't really need to reapply not even after eating 
  • The formula is very creamy which makes it very moisturising 
  • Small and sleek tube easy to carry around in makeup bag
  • Great price at only £4.99
  • Unscented, so doesn't have that weird lipstick smell I have experienced with other cheaper brands 
  • Great Pigmentation 
  • I really don't have much to complain about

So overall I am very pleased with this purchased, I got a lot of compliments from friends which is an added bonus. And it held up during this cold weather. I had used sleek eyeshadow previously but didn't think to use their lipstick but now I'm glad i did :) Does anyone else use sleeks lipsticks or buy any other of the Sleek products?

I hope everyone is enjoying the christmas season, Take Care


  1. Great Review, The colour really suits your complexion good find

  2. That lippie does look fab, and you wear it well:)

  3. This lipstick looks so good on you! The colour is so nice!
    I love Sleek lipsticks, like you said they are really moisturising and long-lasting :) x

  4. Fab color! I need to purchase a new creamy lipstick as well.

  5. That is a great color, especially for your skin tone! Nice


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